OLX Nigeria And Ghana: How Buy And Sell Cars, Phones, Apply For Jobs

OLX Nigeria is the well known online store where Nigerians trade used goods. As with all services, it has had its fair share of applause and criticism but after 11 years, OLX Nigeria seems to be in it for the long haul.

OLX is an internet company based in New York City and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The OLX website hosts free user-generated classified advertisements for urban communities around the world. To make that easier to understand, OLX provides a platform (similar to eBay) where people can purchase and sell goods over the internet.

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OLX was founded in Buenos Aires and New York in 2006, since then, it has grown to 1,200 employees and now operates in 40 countries. OLX Ghana and OLX Nigeria were some of the results of the company’s continued expansion and in the two countries, Nigeria and Ghana, the service site is known by most internet savvy individuals.

For the middle class, trading in used goods has always been one way to continue to keep head above water. Instead of being bogged down with materials that are no longer needed, an individual can sell it off to make some money to divert elsewhere. Likewise, other individuals who may not have the capacity to buy a brand new product can pick up a used one that will do for their current requirements.

With an online shopping site like OLX Nigeria, people can sit at a computer, browse through available goods that interest them, select what they want, obtain the vendor information, contact the vendor, discuss terms of trade, buy and receive the product. On the other hand, you can also decide to sell any item you wish to sell with a wider reach to potential customers.

OLX Nigeria

OLX currently records over 37 billion page views, 54 million listings, and 8.5 million transactions per month. It is the largest marketplace in India, Poland, and, as of last year, Brazil.

The international company is funded by U.S. venture firms including Bessemer Ventures and General Catalyst Partners, OLX sold a majority stake to the African conglomerate Naspers in 2010.

The payments for the transactions done on OLX are conducted offline, which has allowed OLX to avoid dealing with legacy payment infrastructure in each market it enters.

OLX Nigeria has won two prestigious awards in its field; The Beacon of ICT Award for the best-classified advert website of the year (2016) and the Nigeria Technology Awards for Best Ads website of the year (2015).

OLX Founder

Alec Oxenford is the founder of the classifieds company that is OLX. He began his company in the biggest available market; India and did not launch anything in his home country, Argentina, until four and a half years later.

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He believes OLX helps people progress in life by acting as a “wealth creator” in emerging markets, where users can easily monetize their possessions by selling them to each other. Alec Oxenford was able to take his business far by investing heavily in television advertising.

How To Post An Ad On OLX Nigeria

  1. Registration: You must register for an OLX account by providing your basic contact information. If you don’t have an account, create one!
  2. Submit an Ad: Click on the “Sell your item” button.
  3. Title: Post an attractive title and include the name of the item. Avoid characters like %, #,! , @, Etc. and capital letters.
  4. Good description: Be very descriptive and concise with the item you’re selling. Remember, a great description attracts more buyers to your ad.
  5. Good picture: Upload clear and actual pictures of the product (Pictures from the internet are prohibited). Remember, great pictures get 5 times more views!
  6. Reasonable price: Avoid punctuation marks when inputting the figures. When you add commas, the price comes up incorrectly.

Posting Rules On OLX Nigeria

  • All Ads must be uploaded with image(s) except for the jobs and services categories
  • All Ads must be free of watermarked images
  • All Ads must have valid phone numbers and email addresses
  • All products and services must be located in Nigeria
  • All items and products considered to be illegal are prohibited.
  • Multi-level Marketing jobs are prohibited.
  • Content of the ads must be clear and not offensive
  • All items must be posted separately except for sets e.g shoe and bag set, dining set e.t.c
  • Description of an ad must be clear and concise
  • Ads must not include links to third party websites
  • Duplicate adverts are prohibited
  • Ads seeking for friendship, relationship or donations are not allowed.

How to Sell Cars on OLX

  1. Visit the Website: The first step to getting your cars sold is by visiting on OLX Nigeria’s URL – http://www.olx.com.ng
  2. Create an Account: You can do this by simply clicking on the Register link close to the Sign In link at the top right corner of the website. (If you already have an account, simply click the Sign In link and provide your login details).
  3. Put Together Your Items For Sale: Selling items on OLX is as easy as ABC. Gathering your items is as simple as when you are having fun on social media apps like Facebook and Whatsapp.
  4. Take Pictures of Your Item: This is very important as most buyers are not ready to pay for a product they’ve not seen. Taking good pictures of your item as important as uploading bright pictures. It doesn’t only give you an edge over blurry pictures, it also makes your product attractive.
  5. Choose A Category: On OLX, items on OLX are usually arranged in categories. On the site, you will find categories like Mobile Phones & Tablets, Fashion, Electronics to Vehicles, Real Estate etc. So, it’s left for you to assign your item to the categories it belongs.
  6. Upload A Picture(s) of Your Item: This step helps prospective buyers to better understand your item better. The maximum file size per photo is 1MB.
  7. Put Up Your Ad Title and Description: Ad titles are meant to be short, descriptive, and eye-catching. It’s ideal to follow this trend. Also, remember that the recommended title character should be at least 60 in number.
  8. Set Your Price: It’s very important to make your price realistic. Most prospective buyers tend to ignore products if they are too high or think they are a scam if their prices are too low.
  9. Provide Your Contact Information: Very important! You are expected at this stage, to provide an active contact (including your cell phone number) for easy communication or probably further clarification on the product you uploaded. Once you satisfactorily put the aforementioned in place, then you stand a chance of selling your product in no distant time.

How to Buy Cars on OLX

Buying cars on OLX is very easy as every basic information you would want to know about the product and the advertiser is already in place.

  1. You begin, however, by clicking here.
  2. Choose from the ads that are already displayed or you can search any type of car what to buy from the search box (you can search by description or with pictures, including the price range).
  3. If you want to go by the already displayed cars on the page. You need to first of all click on your desired car. Once you do this, you’ll be directed to a page where you see the product description (the car’s model, year of production, type and whatnot). You’ll also get to know the price, the location of the advertiser and photos of the product.
  4. Below the photos, you are expected to fill in your email and also leave a message for the advertiser indicating you are interested in the product.
  5. The advertiser will take it up from there and may end up selling the car to you if the price negotiation and transaction go down successfully.

How to Sell Phones on OLX

  1. This process begins by visiting OLX’s website. You can get there by clicking here.
  2. Simply hit the ‘Login’ box if you are an existing user.
  3. After you must have filled in your account, select the ‘Sell Your Item’  box which is located on the top right-hand side of the page.
  4. You’ll be directed to a page where you select either self-service or OLX champ service. Be guided that if you want to sell your phone yourself, you’ll not pay any money but the stress and every other process will be carried out by you. If you want a stress-less transaction, then OLX champ is the best option, although you’ll have to pay a small amount of money and won’t be stressed.
  5. At this stage, you’ll be required to fill the ad form. This platform allows to choose a category, add your ad’s title, describe your product, your name, email address, phone number and city. You can also preview your ad after filling the form.
  6. Simply click on ‘post my ad’ after previewing what you’ve filled.

Note: You can download OLX app for free on Google Play Store or Apple Store for faster and easier transaction.

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How to Apply for OLX Jobs

Every day, people lose and hunt for jobs. Getting the right kind of job and finding your way to the right platform to secure your desired job is usually a major problem for some people.

In addition to its numerous services, OLX also advertises jobs of different categories on its website. Getting to know how to apply for these jobs have gone a long way in helping most job seekers, especially those who usually find it very difficult to navigate.

You can apply for OLX jobs by following these steps:

  1. Starting by clicking visiting this link – https://www.olx.com.ng/jobs-and-services/offered-jobs/ or simply click here.
  2. You’ll be directed to a page where you’ll select the job category that suits you and also fill in other details like your desired position (full time, or part-time), salary period, maximum experience, minimum experience and lots more.

Note: OLX also features job ads on the same page. You can get to know more about details(salary, company name, salary period, etc) by clicking on the job link.

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