Channon Rose – Her Journey From an Abused Child to a Million Following YouTuber

Channon Rose is one celebrity whose rise to fame is an interesting and inspiring story. She is the true definition of a phoenix that rose from the ashes. Throughout her life, she has had a number of controversies; from being a stripper, being a porn star, to accusations of animal cruelty. It has definitely been a bumpy ride for her. However, Channon constantly inspires fans by living her best life with her husband, daughter, and pet.

Channon is a former pornstar but now a YouTuber, and internet sensation. She currently has 3 YouTube channels where she posts daily vlogs, makeup videos, and fashion tips. Currently, Channon has over a million subscribers on YouTube and millions of video views. In this article, we delve into the past of Channon Rose and discuss her journey through mental illness, abuse, pornography, and controversies.

Channon Rose’s Troubled Childhood

Her real name is Channon Rose Lindlief, although she is also known as Randi Wright from her time as a porn actor. She was born on the 16th of September, 1985 in Northridge, California in the United States of America. She holds an American nationality and is of Caucasian Ethnicity. A lot is not known about her parents and her childhood; sadly, the information we have concerning her childhood are all quite sad. Channon’s parents got a divorce when she was only 8 years old. She lived with her father and his new wife (her stepmother) after the divorce. Her stepmother abused her both physically and mentally and she was constantly being kicked out of school. As a child, Rose was admitted into a mental institute 16 times mostly on account of the abuse she suffered at home. Channon Rose

Channon Rose’s education was a little unsteady due to her problems at home. She was kicked out of 3 different high schools and was eventually sent to a girls-only boarding school. She hated her time at the boarding school and would later describe it as a “lockdown facility for girls”. A few days to her 16th birthday, she was involved in a terrible motor vehicle accident and lost the use of her legs temporarily. Channon was confined to a wheelchair for a while but eventually regained full use of her legs. After graduating from high school, she went to a Phlebotomy and EMT school where she obtained a degree as a medical technician. Following this, she got admission into a nursing school but failed to complete the course as she dropped out.

Her Journey From Modeling to Acting Porn, to Becoming a YouTuber and a Book Writer

When Channon Rose turned 18 years, she moved out of her parents’ house without any objection from her parents. After moving out, she enrolled herself in a fashion school and learned a thing or two about fashion and modeling. Seeing as she was not sponsored by her parents, she had to work and school at the same time. She signed under an agency that helped her get nude modeling contracts.

From nude modeling, she eventually ventured into stripping but didn’t stay long in this profession. After that, she became an adult film actor and began to star in porn movies under the name Randi Wright. Channon Rose was recently accused of animal cruelty after some of her adult videos showing animal abuse resurfaced on the internet. However, in 2013, Channon decided to retire from acting porn and began a new phase of her life.

After her retirement from acting adult movies, she created her YouTube channel and slowly began to increase her fan base. Now, she is a very popular personality on YouTube and her main channel has over a million subscribers. She has three different channels and each one serves a different purpose. One channel is reserved for her vlogs, another channel is reserved for her stories and finally, the third channel is her beauty channel where she gives makeup tips and inspiration.

Unknown to some, Channon Rose is also an author as she published a book in February 2015. “The name of the book is The Story Of Channon Rose: Lesson Between The Lines” and it is an autobiography that has details of her life and all her experiences growing up.

Is Channon Rose Married? Who is Her Husband?

Channon Rose
Channon and husband Travis

Channon Rose is married to Travis Dean. The two reportedly met each other on a dating website in 2012 and dated for about 2 years before Travis popped the big question. They tied the knot in Walnut Grove, California on the 16th of August, 2015. They have one daughter named Snow and she was born on the 9th of October, 2018.

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