Danielle Wright – Everything To Know About Nick Wright’s Wife

All around the world, husbands have always thanked their wives for helping them through tough times and making them happy and whole once again. Danielle Wright’s story goes just like that, as her husband would definitely confirm. Danielle Wright is a stylist working at Fox Sports popularly known for being the wife of former radio host and famous television personality, Nick Wright. if you are a sports fan and frequently listen for sports updates then you’ve undoubtedly listened to him, as his interesting observations and predictions on sports commentaries have garnered him millions of fans. His profile has grown immensely in recent years as a national sports personality. Danielle is lucky to have a job that makes her picks out his clothes. She has dressed him for all his TV appearances at Fox Sports and shows up at his office two or three times a week.

Danielle Wright’s Bio

Danielle Wright is a bit of a dark horse and that is because she belongs to the B-list of celebrities. As a result, little to nothing is publicly known about her early life including her birthplace, childhood experiences and educational background. She is said to have been previously married to another man but not much is known about her first marriage. According to her Twitter account, Danielle Wright is a fashion stylist that currently works at Fox Sports. She styles a lot of sports personalities for TV including her hubby, Bomani Jones, and MJ Acosta.

Danielle Wright’s Marriage

Danielle Wright
Danielle with husband Nick

Danielle Wright met her husband in 2007. Then Wright was lost, depressed, and making bad choices in his life and career. On their very first date, Danielle brought along her two kids, Damonza and Diorra from a previous relationship. Nick was excited to meet Danielle’s kids and started being positively happy. The couple spent some years courting and then decided to tie the knot on the 14th of April, 2013.

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Of course, Nick adopted Danielle’s two kids and together, they welcomed a third, Deana, in October 2013. The lovely pair live a happy married life, frequently going on holiday trips and sharing their affection for each other on Twitter. The couple got matching tattoos instead of wedding rings on their fingers. Now that’s romantic!

About Her Husband

Danielle Wright’s husband Nick was born on the 3rd of October, 1984 in the United States. He is the son of Charlene and Louie Wright. His father was the president of the Kansas City Firefighters Union. Nick attended Syracuse University and graduated in 2007 with a degree majoring in Broadcast Journalism; it was at this time that he was depressed and making bad choices. However, one good choice he made was to become a radio jockey for the non-commercial radio service of Syracuse University, WAER 88.3 FM. He hosted several programs at the FM station including a double-overtime post-game show.

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His career includes working at KSCP 610 AM, where he hosted his own show named What’s Right with Wright. He has also worked at KILT 610 AM and FS1. He is enjoying a successful career and earning a handsome amount of money. The annual salary for a Fox News host is estimated between $64,000 and $80,000, thus Wright is doing well financially. Nick is living a joyous life with his wife Danielle and their three children. He resides in New York and he’s a big fan of Lebron James.

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Her Social Media Profile

Danielle Wright cares full-time for her kids and working on her styling career so she’s not as active on social media as she would want to be. However, the mother of 3 finds time to retweet and respond to her hubby on Twitter. She’s also into sharing and reposting her own creations and visual styles using the #fashionbyrd hashtag. One time when her husband was gambling, she took his phone and posted pictures of their trips since he didn’t post any with them in it.

Danielle Wright’s Earnings

Despite only being famous for being married to a sports TV personality, Danielle Wright’s finances are in perfect shape. While the exact figure of her salary is not exactly known due to the diligence she employs in staying out of the public eye, you can tell that this woman is keeping a good account book, managing 3 kids with her husband and balancing her career alongside her family. It helps that both of them work for Fox Sports in various capacities. Her husband Nick is said to have an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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