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As far as life goes, diligence, desire, faith, and dedication are needed to actualize any dream. For David Johnson, he towed the path of being one of the most successful football stars in history and it is no surprise that he has attained his heartfelt desires. He often times has been regarded as one of the meekest men on planet earth what with his upbringing, he learned humility from experience.

In his better days as one of the striking weapons for the Arizona Cardinals, David proved beyond every means that he had a lot to offer. Going down his biography, it is so evident that he planned to excel in sports and help his family off the track of poverty. This article contains every step he took to attain the height he has reached today.

Most American footballers have a lot of their fans snooping around every detail on them. For David Johnson who has made incredible records as a running back, he is categorized as one of the players who has continuously caused traffic on the internet. Basically, every site has one or two details about the football champ, but here’s a rundown of a few facts about him.

Birth, Ethnicity and Nationality

Named David Jerome Johnson after his father at birth, the star was born in the month of Christmas (December) precisely on the 16th in the year 1991. He was born somewhere in Memphis Tennesse and From his skin color, it is obvious that he is black but he is also an American.

Parents and Siblings

David Johnson was not born into a shattered home but he did not get much in terms of paternal love and care either. His father was always not available and was never a contributor to the affairs of the family. His mother, Regina Johnson stood by him and raised him alongside his other five siblings. David Johnson was born as a triplet, his other halves are Darnecia and Danielle. The trio was solely involved in running track in their early years but Darnecia had to quit as she was diagnosed with a heart condition.

Prior to the birth of David and his other halves, their mother had a son named Marcus and two other daughters named Vatina and LaToria. Latina was born with a mental disorder that disabled her ability to either speak, write or read. It wasn’t all rosy for the family in their little beginnings but today, they have not only overcome poverty but have produced one of the most respected athletes in the National Football league (NFL).


Brilliance is something that David Johnson showed throughout his days at school. He was referred to as an A student and was also noted as an excellent multi-tasker. He was initially enrolled at Clinton High School where he was active with the school’s football, track, and basketball team. He later transferred to River Kings High School where he concentrated more on developing his skills as an American footballer playing as a running back and a defensive back. Although records could prove the footballer’s skills, he only got offers from two schools; the University of Northern Iowa and Illinois State University. He chose the former and of course, became one of the most relevant hands in the school’s football team.

Details of his NFL Career

As aforementioned, David Johnson, like other regular American footballers started his career as a student-athlete. During those days, he bagged a lot of awards, shattered a lot of records, and made impressive counts. It was with such a record that he was picked by the Arizona Cardinals as the 86th overall in the third round of the 2015 Draft. With the team, he inked a four-year deal at the financial value of $2.9 million with a $639,373 signing bonus and $639,373 guaranteed.

He made his first appearance with an incredible record of a reception for a 55-yard touchdown in a game against the New Orleans Saints. He went ahead and played against the Chicago Bears; in that game, he was noted as the first player in the National Football League (NFL) history to record a touchdown by a run, pass and Kick Return. On and on, he continued at a good pace and is still with the team.

He has been on the reserve multiple times due to injury

For an athlete, an injury is inevitable. All through David’s career, he has been placed on the injured reserve list on five different occasions as a result of a wrist and knee injury.

Net Worth and Salary

The American Footballer’s net worth falls at $3 million and he earns $750,000 dollars annually. He comes in at the 7th place on the Arizona Cardinals roaster with a $5.04M cap hit for 2018.

David Johnson’s Wife

Meghan Brock and their child.

Love is something David Johnson learned from his family, despite the hustle and tussles, the family’s success is based on their togetherness even after their dad was readily unavailable. David fell in love with Meghan Brock and the two dated for a while before getting engaged in June 2015. By April 8, 2016, they decided to make it official. They took their vows in one of the most beautiful gatherings that day in Tempe Arizona. Today they are blessed with a son named David Jerome Johnson Jr born January 19, 2017.

Weight and Height

Being accurately fit body-wise is one of the many criteria to play as an American footballer. The pushes, the defense, the tackles, and so many more activities on the field are unarguably based on one’s body build and capacities.

David’s body measurements have never hindered his play roles on the field. He stands tall at 6 feet and an inch, weighing 102kg.

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