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When one talks about versatile athletes, whoever that knows DeShone Kizer would definitely know that he is a gifted athlete. The stylish Green Bay Packers player did so well in basketball in high school, played baseball to the admiration of many before deciding to carve a niche for himself in football.

Although the young lad was perceived as a 5-star recruit and a possible first-round draft pick, he found himself as a second-round 52nd overall pick by the Cleveland Browns before he was finally swapped to the Green Bay Packers after a year on the pitch as a quarterback. Kizer’s success story is a motivation to teeming young athletes out there as he has always transformed his pains to gains.

Early Life

DeShone Allen Kizer was born on January 3, 1996, in Toledo, Ohio, the United States of American as an African-American. The footballer attended Central Catholic High School in Toledo, Ohio; the neighbourhood he was born. He played basketball, baseball, and football with his peers in school.

While in school, the kid was a team leader in the school’s football team, he played a significant role in seeing the Central Catholic Fighting Irish to a 14-1 record. Kizer also played a major role in their Ohio Division II State title of 2012. He recorded 5,684 passing yards and 56 touchdowns.

Following his commanding stats in high school, when DeShone Kizer was about going into college, a handful of teams came seeking for him with scholarship offers. Some of them include the likes of Notre Dame, Ohio State, and North Carolina just to mention but a few. This was a true manifestation of what his parents had wanted and wished him as they always encouraged him to work hard and be at the top of his game.

DeShone later committed to Notre Dame in 2014 and started the 2015 season as a backup player, ranked second to Malik Zaire and Everett Golson. He made his debut on September 5 against Texas and later got ample playing time following the fluctuating form of Zarie. DeShone concluded his freshman year in 2015 playing 13 games, with a record of 2,880 passing yards, 525 rushing yards, and 31 touchdowns. The following year, 2016, he concluded it playing 12 games, recording 2,925 passing yards, 472 rushing yards with 34 touchdowns. After the 2016 season, he forfeited his remaining two years of college and declared his intention to enter the 2017 draft.

He was selected by the Cleveland Browns as the 52nd overall in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft. The footballer officially signed a $4.9 million four year contract on June 14, 2017. The contract included a signing bonus of $1.73 million and $2.42 million guaranteed, he spent just a year with Cleveland and moved to Green Bay Packers in 2018 in a swap deal that saw Damarious Randall move to the former. DeShone Kizer has been having a good time with his new team since he joined them on March 14, 2018.

Salary and Career Earnings

When Deshone penned down the $4.9 million four year contract deal with the Cleveland Browns in 2017, the financial clause in the contract was still intact though he spent just a year before he joined the Green Bay Packers in a swap deal. The contract would earn him about of $700,000 as salary in 2018, $914,856 in 2019, and $1,139,784 in 2020.

Family Life

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DeShone parents; Derek and Mindy did well in sports during their prime. His dad played basketball in the late 80s; he spent four good years playing basketball in his days at Bowling Green. He would later become a committed police officer, protecting his community, being a guide and mentor to so many youths in his neighborhood. DeShone’s mother, Mindy was an outstanding athlete during her years at Ohio Clyde High, she also ran track for the University of Toledo during her college days.

The footballer still credits his dad as his number one coach, Derek was instrumental in his success, he coached him in several sports including; rec league and basketball till DeShone’s seventh grade.  As a disciplined police officer, he raised DeShone in a way that he could be useful to himself and his community and not be a nuisance.

Prior to DeShone Kizer’s high school, his parents who had a direct approach in parenting, made it known to him, that they may not likely afford his college school fees, thus advising him to enroll in the Army or seek for an athletic scholarship in order to see himself through college. DeShone would not settle for the Military option, he later opted for the second alternative, which means putting in extra work in his academics and sports to earn a scholarship. His parents sent him to a reputable private high school, which eventually paved way for the scholarship he earned for his college education. DeShone Kizer learned to have books in one hand and football on the other hand.

 The footballer is the eldest of three children. His two younger siblings are; a brother,  Dayven Kizer, and sister Maelyn Kizer. They are currently in their high school and has not followed in sporting activities as their big brother.

Does He Have a Girlfriend?

DeShone Kizer was in a platonic relationship with a lady named Elli Thatcher that impacted greatly on his emotional life. They both met in high school, their love affair became known in 2014. However, Thatcher underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor which she came out from scathed. She developed complications that left her with difficulties in speech and swallowing. Additionally, her left leg got paralyzed. Thatcher’s condition affected DeShone on and off the pitch that he considered quitting football.

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DeShone was later advised to focus on his career and bring back his glory. He ended his relationship with Thatcher and rekindled the passion for his career and football. Since his breakup with Thatcher, no one has been linked to DeShone, he seems to be fully committed to his football career.

Height and Weight

Deshone Kizer is one NFL players that have amazing body structure and height. In one of his Instagram pictures where he flanked alongside his Dad, Deshone stood shorter than his Dad, but it doesn’t change the fact that he got the height that is most needed in the game of football. The Green Bay Packers Quarterback stands at 6 ft 4 (1.93m) and weighs 108 lbs or 49 kg.

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