Dyatlov Pass Incident Explained: Here Are Facts You Need To Know

There are quite a vast number of strange things which happen all over the world and the “Dyatlov Pass incident” is just one among many. With this incident, a group of nine experienced ski-hikers became victims of a mysterious demise which occurred deep in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1959. These victims were young students and graduates from the Ural Polytechnic Institute who left for a hiking exhibition on the 27th of January 1959. They never returned home to their families as their bodies were later discovered scattered close to their campsite on the mountains.

The area where the bodies of the victims were found was later named, Dyatlov Pass, gotten from the name of the expedition leader, Igor Dyatlov, a man who was just 23 years old at the time of his death. Due to the inconsistent appearance and injuries on the victims’ bodies ranging from, crushed internal organs, ripped tongue, half or fully dressed, there has been a lot of speculations to the real cause of their deaths.

Some of the theories given include; Military actions and covert operation, UFOs, radiation among other conspiracy theories. Though this is a tragic event which occurred many years ago, to date, scientists and explorers still try to crack the mystery behind the Dyatlov Pass incident. Notwithstanding, here are some facts about this you would love to learn.

Facts About The Dyatlov Pass Incident

1. Healthy Looking Young Men And Ladies

It takes guts and skill to attempt an expedition as challenging as one on the Ural Mountains. With this particular mountain hiking, all the hikers were exceptionally skilled hikers who were in peak health conditions. These young men and women from the Ural University were taking a break from their studies and decided that the perfect excursion would be mountain hiking. They also did well to document their trip from the very first day they left and their pictures showed jolly folks with effortless and rugged climbing shots who seemed to be having a great time in the wilderness. Thus the question, why did this trip have to be a sealed fate for them?

2. Odd Tear Of The Tent From Inside

The temperature around the Ural Mountains is recorded to be on the average of -16.6 degrees Celsius (2.1 °F) so it was quite odd to discover that the hikers cut through the tent from the inside in a bid to escape whatever was coming for them. The main question is why didn’t they leave by opening the tent normally. More so, most of their hiking tools were left in the tent including; navigation supplies, cold weather gear, jackets, gloves, pants, and other warm clothing. The strange thing, however, is that one of the hikers, Semyon Zolotaryov, who also fled the tent did so with his camera but without any clothing on. Thus what could have frightened these hikers so much that they left the tent without any protective gear at the risk of hypothermia.

3. Different Injury Patterns On The Corpses

Dyatlov Pass

Just when search parties thought things couldn’t get any worse, they discovered that each of the victims had varying injuries though they were all trying to escape from the same threat. The first set of bodies discovered were those of Yuri Kirvonischenko and Yuri Doroshenko. They were the ones found closest to their campsite and they had highly brutalized hands. With the team leader, Igoe Dyatlov, his body was discovered in a very disturbing manner in the sense that his corpse was lying faced up, jacket unbutton, his face was covered with abrasions while his hands were clenched tightly to his chest.

Rustem Slobodin was soon found with a severely fractured skull, Zinaida, on the other hand, had injuries on her face but her hands took most of the assault as frostbite and abrasions ravaged both hands and phalanges. Two months went by before the bodies of the other hikers were found with equally odd and inconsistent injuries. Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolles’ body was discovered covered in snow. Just looking at the body, no external injuries could be observed, however, he suffered gruesome internal injuries including a fractured skull and jaw.

The next bodies found were those of Semyon Zolotaryov and Alexander Kolevatov whose injuries were quite gruesome. With Semyon, his soft tissues near the ocular area as well as his eyes were missing. His chest was severely compressed that it shattered his ribs. There was also a wide wound on his skull. With Alexander, he too was missing soft tissues near his eyes and he had a deep wound on his skull very close to his ear. The most brutal of injuries would be discovered on the corpse of the final victim, Lyudmila Dubinina. Her nose was crushed completely, her eyes were missing, her tongue was ripped off from her body, while her mouth was open in such a manner that seemed like she was screaming.

4. Strange Compelling Force

Though it was established that the hikers would have normally died from hypothermia, the injuries they sustained especially with the crush and fractures were quit mid boggling. In the end, a research documentation which was released simply stated that there was the possibility of an external force which killed the victims, however, no plausible indication of the type of force was given.

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5. Intense Radiation on The Hikers

Another strange discovery of the Dyatlov Pass was made upon carrying out an autopsy. The bodies of the hikers showed a high level of exposure to radiation which was also noticed at the site of the incident. Loved ones of the deceased hikers also noted that during the burial, the bodies while lying in state had an orange glow while their hair had turned grey.

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