Elizabeth Bruenig – Bio, Family Life, Facts About The American Journalist

Best described as being on the “Catholic Left,” Elizabeth Bruenig is an American journalist currently associated with The Washington Post. There, she works as an opinion writer and editor. Her expertise includes writing about politics, economic issues, ethics, theologies, and lots more. Prior to her stint with The Washington Post, the journalist previously worked as a staff writer for The New Republic as well as a freelance writer for several other news outlets. Amazingly, Elizabeth is the granddaughter of the famous novelist, Bram Stoker. Below are a few highlights we have gathered about her, so read on…

Elizabeth Bruenig – Bio

Born with the surname Stoker, Elizabeth Bruenig’s voice has been heard both on-air and on several newspaper articles as well as journals. It was on December 6th, 1990, that the ardent journalist was born in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. Bruening was raised in a strongly religious household. Her parents, Warren and Kellie are staunched Methodist who took their faith seriously. Her nationality is American while she is of white ethnicity. In addition to this, Elizabeth is also bilingual; she is fluent both in English and German languages.

As a child, the journalist spent her first few years in Texas, along with her older brother named John before moving to Connecticut with her family. However, they soon moved back to Texas after her brother fell into depression and attempted suicide.

Regarding her education, Elizabeth spent her high school days at Martin High School before proceeding to Brandeis University where she graduated with a BA in English and sociology in 2013. She subsequently earned a Marshall Scholarship which made it possible for her to further her studies at the University of Cambridge, Jesus College. There, she acquired a Master of Philosophy in Christian Theology. While undergoing classes for her Ph.D. degree in Religious studies, she reigned for a year as the Presidential Fellow at Brown University. More so, she never completed her Ph.D. program at the Browns as she left in 2015.

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Before Elizabeth Bruenig clocked 20, she had already created a respectable resume as a writer. Her articles have graced pages of several mainstream publications like The Atlantic, The National, Salon, The American conservative, Jacobin and Dissent, The Boston Review and the La Review of Books, among many others.

Having worked as a freelance writer for a few years, Elizabeth subsequently gained employment as a staff writer with the New Republic in 2015. She worked with the firm for a year before joining The Washington Post as an assistant editor of their outlook/Post everything section. After a while, she became topnotch and was made the writer and editor of the opinion section, a post she holds till date.

Elizabeth Bruenig’s Family Life

Elizabeth and Matt Bruenig
Elizabeth Bruenig and her husband

The writer’s love life is not a hidden tale. She fell in love and married a man named Matt Bruenig. Matt is a popular blogger and analyst, commentator and lawyer who is popularly known for his socialist views.

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The lovebirds met for the first time during a high school debate in Arlington and have called a few shots on broadcasting and writing ever since then. They both reside in Washington with their two children.

Facts About The American Journalist 

1. High School Shame

During Elizabeth’s time in high school, she was accused of rape by two of her classmates. She was heavily penalized and was even despised by her community. She lacked friends and was pushed to segregation. Having stayed schtum and haunted by the story for over a couple of years, Elizabeth Bruenig decided to tell her part of the story in December 2018. The story was spread across the globe and was aired by several news outlets.

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2. She Has a Large Heart

Despite the shame she carried through from high school, Elizabeth Bruenig while as a fresher in college, founded a charity organization known as Brandeis: Be Our Guest Program. The program saw the donations of meal tickets to the homeless.

3. She Drives with a Success Syndrome

The writer’s pen has never lost its ink. She has never run short of words and is accurate with details. She showed early signs of success and was the winner of the State-Wide Essay Contest while as a junior student. Also, in 2019, Bruenig was named a Pulitzer Prize Finalist in Feature Writing, for one of her pieces covering Amber Wyatt’s sexual assault, “What do we owe her now?”

4. Religion

Despite being groomed as a staunched Methodist, the writer took a turn with religion. When she turned 23, she converted to Catholicism and has publicly stated her change of mind after Augustine’s Confessions.

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5. Other Interests

Elizabeth Bruenig has not limited her skills to writing alone. She has a good sense of humor and would, of course, make a good career as a comedian. She oftentimes on her social media pages took to cracking several jokes. The journalist also loves gardening.

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