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The dream of every mother is to watch her child grow into a better person and for the single mom and photographer, Cheryl Rossum, this could not have come better as she has watched her daughter, Emmy Rossum, climb the success ladder as one of the most popular actresses in the movie industry.

Rossum walked into stardom as an actress, television director, singer and songwriter. She started out initially as a singer when she was just five, singing with the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus group at age seven. With the children choir, she was seen often times taking the lead and performing with other legendary singers and by her 18th birthday, she had become the talk of the town as she featured on television sets.

Emmy is very popular for her outstanding performance in the television series Shameless and has also starred in a lot of other movies.

Emmy Rossum’s Bio (Age, Ethnicity)

Emmanuelle Grey Rossum’s birth on September 12, 1986, never happened like it would when a family is complete. Her father left her mom while she was pregnant – few months before their daughter was born – and ever since he left, Emmy has only met him twice. Growing up, she was raised as a Jew because her mom was Jewish, although, records have it that her father is a Protestant. In respect to this, Emmy claims ancestry from both the Russian-Jewish ancestry and the English-Dutch ancestry, nevertheless, she is an American citizen.

She attended Spence School but dropped out in order to pursue her career. Prior to that, she had excelled as a singer as she started performing on stage just at the age of five. Nevertheless, she later continued her studies online and graduated with a diploma. Emmy managed to grow her career alongside taking History, French and Philosophy classes at the Columbia University.

As a singer, her unique selling point was her ability to sing in different languages which had a spellbinding effect on her audience. As the days rolled by, she was quite satisfied with her passion for singing but she knew deep down within her that it was not all, so she decided to tread the path of an actress which prompted her to take lessons at the Flo Salant Greenberg.

Since she started acting in 2000, she has featured in over 25 movies and television series. With that, it is no surprise that Emmy Rossum has bagged over seven awards and has been nominated in over 17 awards. As a singer, she has produced 3 albums, two singles, and one video album.

Net Worth

With all her dealings as an entertainment person ranging from being an actress, a singer, a song director, and a television director, nothing less is expected from Emmy Rossum. She is estimated to be worth $12 million.


Emmy Rossum has had a sweet-sour experience when it comes to love. She has been married twice. Her first marriage was with Justin Siegel in 2008 but crashed after a year, leading to a separation in 2009 and a divorce in 2010.

After she separated from her first, she had a fling with Adam Duritz but it never lasted as it eventually turned out to be a rebound. They separated just a few weeks before her divorce was concluded.

Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum and Sam Esmail

Currently, Emmy Rossum is married to a man, Sam Esmail who treads the same career path as hers. The two met on set, fell in love and decided to groom a platonic relationship which led to an engagement sometime in August 2015. Two years after, they decided to walk down the aisle.

Emmy Rossum’s Measurements

The actress takes delight in flaunting her skinny sexy long legs. She is a beautiful lady who possesses a long brown hair and brown eyes. Often times, her photos show how happy she is as she portrays an amazing smile. Her body shape could be described as that of an hourglass especially if her body measurements; 34-inch bust, 24-inch waist, and 35-inch hips are put into considerations.

Emmy could be described way above being of an averaged height, she stands at 5 feet 8 inches, just two inches away from being six feet tall. There have been controversies about the actress body weight. Just a few weeks after the renowned TV star Kim Kardashian expressed herself on her own body weight loss, Emmy in an interview said they were times she felt insecure about her weight and by the time she worked on them it just looked like she went skinnier than normal. She has not revealed her current body size but some records have it that she is likely within the range of 50 kg – 55 kg.

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