Did You Know Eugene Levy’s Wife and Children are Also In The Movie Business? – Here Are The Facts

Eugene Levy is an amazing Canadian actor who has won the heart of millions of people with his brilliance in front of the camera. He has featured in smash movies and TV series like Finding Dory, Bringing Down The House, Schitt’s Creek, Father Of The Bride II, and many others. Levy made a name for himself in the comedy genre with his excellent character depiction of Noah Levenstein in the blockbuster American Pie film franchise. He is, in fact, the only actor to star in all the first eight American Pie films, playing the role of Noah Levenstein.

In addition to this, the iconic actor has often stepped away from the camera to write, produce and direct films and TV series. His writing credits include For Your Consideration, Biographies: The Enigma of Bobby Bittman, and The Last Polka, among many others. Thanks to his outstanding brilliance, his career has been highly enriched with many awards and nominations as he has been immensely decorated both in Canada and America. But more than this, Eugene Levy’s entire family is also involved in filmmaking. His wife and his children have taken after him and now have credits as producers, actors, and actresses.

Eugene Levy’s Wife Made Her Mark As A Screenwriter And Producer

Eugene Levy is a happily married man and the interesting thing is that he is married to a woman who actively plays a part in the entertainment industry. Our findings show that Eugene Levy is married to Deborah Divine and she happens to be a screenwriter and a producer.

Eugene Levy
Eugene Levy and his wife, Deborah Divine,

Levy’s wife, Deborah Divine is a Canadian woman who was born on August 6, 1959, in Canada, where she also grew up. Details about the woman’s early life are not readily available. However, we know that she began dating Eugene Levy in 1973. The couple dated for about four years before they tied the knot as husband and wife in June of 1977. The couple has remained married for decades and their union does not appear to have frictions.

It is safe to say that Eugene Levy may have influenced his wife to become a partaker in the entertainment industry because it was after their marriage that Deborah Divine began her work in the movies. In 1984, about 7 years after her marriage, she worked in the production management unit of the TV series, The Edge of Night.

Years later, in 1990, Divine wrote for the Canadian-American sitcom called Maniac Mansion. Interestingly, the show was created by Eugene Levy. Also, in 1990, she was one of the producers of the American cable television show, The Higgins Boys and Gruber. She is also the coordinating producer of the TV series, Another World in 1993.

Eugene Levy’s wife is not the only one in his family who is an active player in the entertainment industry; as a matter of fact, all his children are also deeply involved in making movies. Eugene Levy has two children with his wife; a son called Dan Levy and a daughter named Sarah Levy and they have both taken after their father.

Levy’s Son, Dan Is An Award-winning Actor, Director, And Producer

Eugene Levy’s first child, Dan Levy, whose full name is Daniel Joseph Levy, was born on 9 August 1983 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dan grew up watching his father star in movies and developed the urge to take part in making movies himself as he grew older. This desire led him to study film production at York University and Ryerson University.

Eugene Levy
Eugene Levy with his son, Dan Levy

Before making his film debut, Dan Levy gained prominence as a co-host of MTV Canada’s The After Show. He eventually made his screen debut as an actor in 2009 when he starred in the TV movie, Degrassi Goes Hollywood playing the role of Robbie. The same year, he reprised the role in the TV series, Degrassi: The Next Generation.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ Is Dan Levy’s Best Work

Dan Levy is now best known for his work on Schitt’s Creek, a Canadian sitcom. Dan actually conceived the idea for the show and developed it with his father, Eugene before getting out to networks around America and Canada. It was eventually picked by CBC Television where it aired from January 13, 2015, to April 7, 2020.

The show stars Dan Levy, as well as his father and other stars. The show was very successful and received critical acclaim from critics. It won many awards and nominations and projected Dan Levy as one of the huge stars in the movie industry globally.

Dan starred in all 80 episodes of the show and also wrote, directed, and produced episodes. For his work on Schitt’s Creek, Dan Levy received a lot of praise and recognition. In fact, he became the first person to win a Primetime Emmy Award in all four major disciplines in a single year for his work on the show. He has also won many other awards.

Eugene Levy’s Daughter, Sarah Famously Played Twyla Sands in ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Eugene Levy’s second child, his daughter Sarah Levy is also in the entertainment industry. Sarah Levy is an actress who has starred in a number of movies since her debut and has also been hailed for her works onscreen.

Eugene and Sarah Levy

Sarah was born on September 10, 1986, in Toronto, Canada, and, like her brother, developed the desire to go into the acting industry after watching her father star in movies while growing up. This desire made her study theatre at Dalhousie University.

Sarah made her screen debut as an actress in 2011 when she appeared in an episode of the TV series, XIII: The Series. The same year, she portrayed Eli in Larry Crowne, an American romantic comedy film. She went on to star in other works like The Applicant in 2012 and Working the Engels in 2014.

Sarah scored her biggest role yet when she was cast to play Twyla Sands in Schitt’s Creek alongside her father and brother. She starred in the series from 2015 to 2020 across 63 episodes. Her work on the show was so admired that it fetched her a nomination for the Canadian Screen Award for Best Supporting Actress, Comedy.

Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, Sarah Levy, and Deborah Divine

It is noteworthy that Eugene Levy’s family is a very happy one. His children adore him and his wife and they have often shown their admiration for their parents publicly on social media. Over the years, the family has bonded very closely and become what some fans on social media call ‘the ideal Hollywood family’.

Eugene Levy is very proud of his children and how much they have developed as movie stars over the years. He expressed his thoughts in 2017 during an interview with Bustle, explaining that it was quite surreal working with his kids on Schitt’s Creek and that he was blown away by their talent.

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