Everything We Know About Fruitypoppin And Her Instagram Video ‘Pika Pika’

Best recognized with the name Fruitypoppin, Karen Ip is a sensation on Instagram. She is equally successful as a YouTuber, makeup artist, and a fashion star who came to public attention after her video titled Pika Pika went viral on Instagram. The internet sensation is noted for her funny, clever, as well as Asian culture-centric uploads. She is well on her way to becoming one among the best social media influencers of Asian origin. Karen has an Instagram following in millions and she currently enjoys sponsorship from top-notch companies like Gemini Contacts and Daniel Wellington.

However, Karen’s popularity is not only due to her witty posts on Instagram, the internet influencer’s transparent nature will take some of the credit, and the fact that she is not averse to exposing all her sides on the internet is also part of the reason. Fruitypoppin’s most popularly watched videos are increasing by the day, and leveraging on her already established fame, the internet personality has gone ahead to launch her online merchandise.

Her Instagram Video ‘Pika Pika

While her Instagram mini vlogs were gaining some level of popularity, it took until the 15th of August 2017 for her Fruitypoppin account to become a hit on the platform. She uploaded a video of herself vlogging when suddenly, an interruption came from the internet sensation’s mum reminding her to come eat dinner. Karen’s reply to her mother came in the traditional Cantonese, while she continued with the vlog, and latter concluded with the words Pika Pika bitch while brandishing a Pokemon ball.

There was nothing special about the upload, but the funny circumstances, natural humor, as well as the response she gave her mum, ensured that the video went viral with over 1.6 million in views, and gained the attention of some celebs like Drake who went ahead to repost it on his own channel. The vlog enhanced her Instagram following to over 1.1 million within half a year, and she has persevered in posting similar contents.

Facts About Fruitypoppin

Birth details and family background

Karen Ip’s date of birth is listed as the 10th of August 2000, and she was born in Hong Kong to Chinese parents. Her dad is also a social media personality with his own Instagram account popularly known as Papapoppin, which can boast of more than 105 followers. It would appear the whole family is involved in the same career as Fruitypoppin’s mum also has a strong presence on Instagram under the moniker Motherpopping, with over 38,000 fans. However, they are yet to reveal the names behind the internet accounts.

Though she was born in her home country of China, Fruitypoppin moved with her family to Canada at a tender age and subsequently spent a better part of her formative years there. Perhaps because of the involvement of both parents, her interest in fashion and social media developed from childhood. Karen Ip is known to feature her parents on Instagram which points to the affinity in the Ip family.

Academic qualifications

No details exist on her early education but Karen is a high school graduate. Though the institution she attended is not known, her graduation date is listed as 30th of June 2018. Important to note that she kicked off her social media career while in high school in 2015, under the name Baby Kae, which was later changed to Fruitypoppin. The internet sensation has plans of going for further education.

Personal life

Despite the fact that she appears to be rather close to lots of guys, the Instagram sensation is believed to be single and has never been romantically linked to any particular member of the opposite sex. Perhaps Fruitypoppin wants to achieve career success first before looking at other things.

Net worth and earnings

While she basks in the glamour and glitz that comes with her status as a social media star, Fruitypoppin has amassed wealth in the process which is responsible for earning her a decent life. The last review of the internet star’s net worth is between the range of $200,000 to $300,000. Besides, the amount is expected to show positive growth at subsequent reviews.

Body statistics

Fruitypoppin cannot be called tall with her height of 5 feet 4 inches but you will surely not miss her in a crowd. In addition, she sports a bodyweight of 48 kg to go with her height. The internet star comes with dark brown eyes and brown hair but information regarding her other body measurements are currently not available.

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