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If you like hip hop with a taste of feminity, whiteness and a sassy southern accent, then Iggy Azalea will definitely be your first pick. The Australian born rapper is currently sharing a world record with the Beatles as her singles ranked both first and second on the Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously. Let’s learn more about the beautiful blonde rapper here including a list of those she has dated and who she might be currently dating.

Iggy Azalea Biography

Born as Amethyst Amelia Kelly in Sydney on the 7th of June 1990 to Brenda Kelly (father) and Tanya Kelly (mother). Her father was a painter and writer who wrote comics for children’s books while her mother worked as a janitor for houses and hotels.

Iggy grew up in New South Wales, Australia with her family. She developed affection for life in the United States after her tour of Los Angeles and Vegas with her grandparents. She also fell in love with the American hip-hop genre at age 12 and was an ardent fan of Tupac Shakur, Buster Rhymes, Missy Elliott, and the likes.

Her first shot at music was with a rap group she formed along with two of her friends, however, Izzy had to disband the group seeing they were not as serious as she wanted. Living in Australia also made it difficult for her to flow and keep up with the rap community she loves so much as things were a lot different in the continent down under. Azalea later relocated to the United State of America to pursue her musical dreams at age 15. This meant she had to quit school and yes she did quit school.

Iggy Azalea saved up enough money from working as a Janitor with her mother, the would-be rapper earmarked much of what she earned and soon ventured on a journey to the land of opportunities with Miami being her destination in 2006. On her arrival in the U.S of A, she pitched her tent with a friend (Derek) who she made over the internet. Iggy also thought it best to complete her education as she subsequently sat for and acquired her General Educational Developmental diploma (GED).

In the course of time and as she got more acquainted with her new environment, Iggy Azalea lived in a couple of places before finally settling in Atalanta where she did a few collaborations with FKI and Natalie Sims. She adopted the stage name Iggy Azalea which she coined from her childhood pet dog Iggy and the name of the street where she lived with her parents back in Australia “Azalea Street”.

Becoming a hip hop artist was not an easy journey for the Austrian who at the time had more critics than fans. Nevertheless, Iggy steadily kept to her act and got herself endeared to a couple of people steadily.

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She lived in Los Angeles in 2010 where she was managed under the Interscope music label, in the following year, she released her first full mixtape named Ignorant Art under Rapper T. I’s label Grand Hustle Record. The album was however criticized for its raw brashness and racist remarks. Trappgold became Iggy Azalea’s next work in October 2012 then she went on to sign up to the Island Def. Jam in the U.S. and Mercury in the U.K. Her big break came when she released the album The New Classic in April 2014. A combination of trap and pop, it churned five hit singles — Work, Bounce, Change Your Life, Fancy and Black Widow— and made Number 3 on the international album chart.

In May 2014 Azalea joined the 1964 music legends, the Beatles in music history by occupying both the number 1 and number 2 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Her single Fancy was on the top spot while Problem by Ariana Grande which she featured on was in second place. None has achieved this since the Beatles in 1964. The New Classic won Azalea four Grammy nominations — for the best new artist, the best rap album, the record of the year and best pop duo/group performance (for Fancy). In May 2015, Azalea did a collaboration with Britney Spears on the single Pretty Girls.

Her Net Worth

There are different estimations of Iggy Azalea’s net worth. It is pegged between $6 – $10 million which she has mostly amassed from her music career. Certainly, with more hits to come from the Australian born hip hop artist, her net worth will surge.

Is Iggy Azalea Dating Anyone, Who is Her Boyfriend or Husband?

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young
Iggy Azalea and Nick Young

Iggy Azalea has a very dynamic love life. She has dated quite a number of high profile men and here is their list:

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In October 2014 out of the blue, Maurice Williams aka Hefe Wine purportedly filed for divorce claiming he and the 5 ft 8 inches tall Iggy Azalea married in September 2008 at the State of Texas. The Claim, however, was denied by Iggy Azalea stating she and Williams dated for 6 months but she was never aware of any marriage contracted between them. Earlier, she had obtained a court injunction banning Williams from releasing any of her songs and/or using her name from profiting himself on social media or elsewhere. The bad blood between the two has been ongoing even after they had parted ways years after.

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Next, she hooked up with ASAP Rocky who she dated around 2011 and split up with in 2013. Both of them used to wear a tattoo of Rocky ’s hit album Live Love ASAP. She, however, erased the ASAP part of the tattoo when they broke up.

She later connected with Nicky Young, an NBA player in 2013 who she was soon engaged with. The duo were living together but they broke up in 2016. She left him after a video clip leaked showing Nick bragging about his infidelity to the rapper.

The aforementioned are not the only men that Iggy Azalea dated in the past. She announced in August 2018 that she was in a relationship with DeAndre Hopkin, NFL wide receiver with Houston Texas but after 24 hours of the announcement, both gave a disclaimer on their earlier statements claiming singlehood. It is either they were not sure of their feelings or it was just a publicity stunt on their part.

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