Karl cook and Kaley Cuoco
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Karl Cook’s rise to fame came as no surprise as he married one of the most seen faces on television, Kaley Cuoco. That regardless, he has been on the low key and is said to be the heir of an elite home. The impeccable horse rider is also credited for his equestrian accomplishments, read on to discover more interesting facts about this man who suddenly sprung to fame.

Karl Cook’s Biography

Born on December 25, 1990, in Wisconsin California the decorated horse lover started his equestrian journey at the tender age of 8. He is the son of Signe Ostby (mother), a business powerhouse who runs her own software startup and marketing strategic practice. Signe also partners with big companies like Apple and Radio shack and is a co-founder of the Wisconsin business center for brand and product. His father, Scott Cook is the founder of Intuit tax software.

Karl, may not have grown up a celebrity like his wife but he swam in wealth from his tender years and lives an elite lifestyle. He is the only son of his parents; having a sister, Annie Laurie Cook who is one of his toughest competitors in horse riding.

Cook’s family has passion for horse riding as his mom doesn’t only involve in the sports but is also the owner of  Pomponio Ranch Stallions the families ranch in San Gregorio California. Also, the ranch breeds most of the horses that Karl Cook competes with.


Karl Cook’s career started with training when he was at a tender age of 8. He rode and trained for 12 years with Graeme & Lu Thomas at the willow tree farm and in no time became proficient as a horse rider. In 2008, Cook turned amateur, after some years of competing, he nearly gave up on horse riding in 2012 at age 21 following his underperformance at the Olympic selection trials.

As a result of his frustration at his performance, Karl Cook admitted his inabilities on several interviews stating that in as much as he has underperformed in several competitions, he wasn’t also ready to return to school. In no time, he left his longtime trainers to pair up with former French Olympic athlete Eric Navet, moving to Normandy, France for the summer of 2012.

While in France he worked with French athlete, Phillipe Benoit to get his horses in excellent condition and maintain them. In addition, he garnered a lot of experience in horse riding. Nonetheless, Karl Cook faced the challenges of language barrier after joining his new team but that did not mar his getting along with the team. In the course of time, he competed and won the 2014, 4 Grand Prix events with horses “Jonkheerz” and Quasimodo.

On and on, the champ horse rider began to do more exploits and added several other trophies to his trophy cabinet including the 2007 FEI North American Junior Young Rider Championship, 2008 FEI North American Junior Young Rider Championship, 1st place in Smarkpak grand Prix, Ultroz jumper and Card flex grand Prix.

Besides his passion for horse riding, Karl Cook has shown interest in equine sports medicine research and has also launched his own line of riding attires. He equally enjoys photography and a form of word work called lazy turning.

Net Worth

Two decades of successful equestrian career and a net worth of over $3.1 billion dollars he is said to inherit from his father, it can be said that Karl cook never has to worry about his finances. His wife Kaley Cuoco is said to be worth $5 million dollars.

Karl Cook’s Wife – Kaley Cucco

Karl cook and Kaley Cuoco
Karl cook and Kaley Cuoco

Despite having garnered considerable success in his field, Karl Cook shot into the limelight in 2016 when he started dating The Big Bang Theory actor Kaley Cuoco, who has grown immensely in fame since her early days in Hollywood.

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The two started their relationship in March 2016 and after two years, the horse rider proposed to the actress in November 2017, her response saw them at their wedding on June 30, 2018, at a horse ranch near San Diego.

Kaley who was previously married to tennis-pro Ryan Sweeting said she wasn’t sure if she would find love again following her split from Ryan in September 2015. Clearly, it can be said that it isn’t the case anymore as she and Karl have been together in love and harmony since then. More so, it is reported that Kaley Cuoco also gets along with her ex (Ryan Sweeting) and her fellow Big Bang Theory co-star; Johnny Galecki who was one of the guests at their wedding.

The couple both publicizes their union on their various social media. Including several pictures of their horse riding escapades.

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