Juicy Details Of Who Katie Holmes Has Dated Since Her Divorce, Her Best Works And Wealth Status

A very beautiful and incredibly talented woman, Katie Holmes is a hot cake in Hollywood and many eyes are on her, monitoring her career growth and the way she has risen through the ranks to become one of the A-list celebrities in the USA. She has starred in dozens of movies and TV series since her debut and has raked in so much money from her work.

But, more than that, Katie Holmes has also made a lot of headlines when it comes to her private life and the people she has been romantically linked with, some of whom are also insanely popular. Previously married to Hollywood heavyweight, Tom Cruise, the actress has since moved on to date other people since she divorced the movie star in 2012.

Katie Holmes Moved On With Jamie Foxx After Divorcing Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes was married to Tom Cruise from 2006 to 2012. Their marriage lasted about 5 and a half years but when it ended, Katie Holmes moved on with her life and found love in new arms. The first person she was reported to have dated after her divorce from Cruise was Jamie Foxx. Interestingly, during the time they dated, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx kept their romance very secret and only let the cat out of the bag at the tail end of their relationship. However, the media managed to get wind of their hidden love affair.

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

Rumors that the couple had started dating first emerged in August 2013, when Foxx and Holmes were seen together dancing and enjoying a nice time at the same event in the Hamptons. They were also seen flirting together. Shortly after this in October 2013, Foxx denied that he was dating Holmes when he was asked about it.

Fast forward to February 2015, the rumors that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were dating sprang up again when the couple was spotted holding hands. However, they still refused to confirm they were dating. In December that year, the couple appeared together at Foxx’s birthday party and the rumors of their secret romance raged again. In July 2016, Holmes was seen visiting Foxx on the set of a movie in Toronto. They even had dinner together. Shortly after in December that year, they appeared together to celebrate Holmes’ birthday.

In September 2017, the couple seemed to confirm they were dating when they were spotted holding hands in Malibu during a rare public outing. By this time, the public already understood Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were really an item. In January 2018 they were both seen sitting together at the pre-Grammy award party. In December that year, they were seen publicly kissing each other on a luxury yacht in Miami. Apparently, their romance was official.

In May 2019, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx stepped out as a couple to attend the 2019 Met Gala.

Her Fall Out With Foxx

Shortly after they stepped out together during the 2019 Met Gala, rumors began to spread that the couple had broken up. In August that year, the news of their break up went viral after Jamie Foxx was seen with another woman, the singer Sela Vave. They were even holding hands and being very comfortable.

The news of their breakup spread, even more, when Katie Holmes was heard telling her friends that she and Foxx have not been together for months. Altjoghet the couple had been together fr six years before their romance came crashing down. It was a sad end to what appeared to be a match made in heaven.

Katie Holmes And Emilio Vitolo Jr. Are An Item Now

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx may have parted ways, but this does not spell the end for love as far as she is concerned. As a matter of fact, she has moved on to another romantic partner, this time identified as Emilio Vitolo Jr, a famous New York chef.

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr are very much in love

In September 2020, rumors that the couple was an item emerged when they were photographed together at Soho restaurant Antique Garage in New York. However, according to reports, it is believed that Holmes and Vitolo Jr had already months before they were first photographed. In fact, is rumored that the actress even helped to get the chef cast opposite her in a short romantic film that was shot in August.

The couple has been spotted so many times in September holding hands and sharing passionate kisses. On September 6, Holmes was seen with her hands around Vitolo Jr.’s shoulders while kissing him passionately in Manhattan. The pair were seen kissing again On September 7 at the Manhattan eatery Peasant Restaurant. Days after on September 13, they were caught on camera sharing another kiss by the paparazzi.

Apparently, their romance is no secret at all at the moment. And, from the way things are going, it is obvious that their romance is budding into something huge.

A Look Into Holmes’ Marriage To Tom Cruise

Long before Jamie Foxx and Emilio Vitolo Jr. came into her life, Katie Holmes was in love with the actor, Tom Cruise. On the 18th of April 2005, Katie Holmes began Cruise. The couple appeared to be very much in love as they went on to have their daughter, Suri Cruise, on the 18th of April 2006 shortly before getting married. Holmes, who was raised a Catholic, began studying Scientology shortly after the couple began dating because Cruise is a staunch Scientologist.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

In June 2005, Cruise proposed to her at the Effiel Tower in Paris, and on the 18th of November 2006, the pair had a star-studded Scientologist wedding that was attended by many Hollywood stars at the Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy.

On the 29th of June, 2012 Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise in New York after about six years of marriage. Reports have it that Katie did not want to be intimidated by the church of Scientology and immediately after the divorce, she returned to the church of her youth, the Roman Catholic Church. The divorce settlement received by Katie was reported to be $9.8 million.

‘Dawson’s Creek’ Gave Katie Holmes Her First Taste Of Fame

Born on  December 18, 1978, Katie Holmes kickstarted her acting career in 1997 after starring in The Ice Storm, an American drama film in which she played Libbets Casey. However, it was in 1998 that she got her big break when she was cast to star in Dawson’s Creek, an American teen drama television series

Holmes was cast to play the lead role of Joey Potter on the series and it launched her to widespread fame. Holmes starred on the show from 1998 to 2003, appearing in 128 episodes and winning several accolades for her work. For her work in the series, Holmes received several Teen Choice Award nominations.

James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, and Michelle Williams in Dawson’s Creek (1998)

In 1998, she also starred in the American teen science fiction psychological horror film Disturbing Behavior. Her role as Rachel Wagner fetched critical praise and earned her the MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance.

‘Batman Begins’ Solidified Her Superstar Status

In 2005, Katie Holmes starred in Batman Begins, a superhero film. The movie was very successful, winning many awards and grossing over $373 million worldwide. It is also regarded as one of the most influential films of the 2000s.

Katie Holmes’ role as Rachel Dawes in the movie was hailed by critics. Her performance was so good that it fetched her a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress nomination. The actress has since gone ahead to star in other movies and TV series that have been highly talked about.

In 2011, she starred in The Kennedys before landing the role of Naomi in How I Met Your Mother. The actress appeared in Ray Donovan in 2015 playing Paige Finney and in 2017, she played Jacqueline Kennedy in The Kennedys After Camelot. Holmes portrayed Miranda Wells in The Secret: Dare to Dream in 2020.

How Much Is She Worth Now?

Katie Holmes is apparently a wealthy woman. As an A-lister, she has starred in dozens of movies and TV series since her 1997 onscreen debut. In the process, she has raked in millions of dollars for herself.

But Holmes is not just an actress; she is also a producer, executive producer, and director who has worked behind the scenes to bring to movies to life. The actress also has her own clothing line called Holmes & Yang. She co-owns the clothing line with her friend Jeanne Yang who is a stylist.

Katie Holmes pulls in money from all these ventures. At the moment, the superstar actress has been revealed to be worth an amazing $25 Million by credible sources.

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