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Keith Richards needs no introduction. The legendary guitarist is a principal founding member and songwriter for The Rolling Stones. In a career spanning over five decades, Richards and his bandmates have released several unforgettable singles as well as numerous platinum albums. The band has also picked up several awards and are regarded as the greatest rock and roll band of all time. So, what is the legendary rock star up to these days? Is he still alive? What about his net worth? All these and more will be answered below.

Who Is Keith Richards and How Old Is He?

Keith Richards was born on the 18th of December 1943 in Dartford, Kent, England. His father’s name was Herbert Williams while his mother’s name was Doris Maud nee Dupree. Richards spent his formative years in Kent and attended schools such as Wentworth Primary School and Dartford Technical High School for Boys. He also attended the Sidcup Art College.

Keith first became fascinated with the guitar when he was just a child. His maternal grandfather, Gus Dupree, was a jazz musician and gifted him his very first guitar. The man also taught Richards the fundamentals of guitar and the young boy flew with it.

Career Accomplishments

Richards’ journey to stardom commenced when he reconnected with a former classmate, Mick Jagger. Jagger was also a rock and roll enthusiast, and they joined hands to form a rock and roll group known as The Blues Boys. The Blues Boys later merged with another group known as Blues Incorporated, and The Rolling Stones was formed in 1962. The band originally comprised of Richards, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, and Ian Stewart.

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The Rolling Stones dropped their debut self-titled album in 1964. Since then, the band has gone on to drop not less than 30 studio albums, 23 live albums, and several compilation albums. The band has sold over 250 million records worldwide and was named number four on the list of the 100 greatest artists of all times. The Rolling Stones also hold the record for some of the highest-grossing concerts of all times. Of course, they have been inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

His Wife and Children

Keith Richards has had a tame love life in comparison with other rock stars. He has even confessed that he finds it difficult talking to ladies even though he is a romantic fella. Richards was in a long-term relationship with German-Italian model, actress, and artist, Anita Pallenberg. Anita had previously dated Richards’ bandmate, Brian, but she left him after he became abusive.

Keith Richards
Richards and his wife Patti Hansen: Image Source

Richards and Anita commenced their relationship in 1967 and remained together until 1980. The relationship produced two children – Marlon Leon and Angela. The couple also had a child, Tara Jo Jo, who died of SIDS. Richards later married American model and actress, Patti Hansen. They tied the knot in 1983 and have two daughters together; they are Theodora Dupree and Alexander Nicole.

Is Keith Richards Still Alive?

Richards is very much alive and still doing what he loves best. The famed guitarist primarily resides in Weston, Connecticut but owns houses in Redlands as well as the private resort island of Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos. Richards continues to release records with his bandmates. The Rolling Stones has dropped no less than two albums since the dawn of the new millennium. They are A Bigger Bang (2005) and Blue & Lonesome (2016). The latter sold more than 2 million copies and won the 2018 Grammy Award for traditional blues album of the year.

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Additionally, Keith Richards and The Rolling Stones have also continued to tour regularly. Their latest tour is the No Filter Tour which saw the band play at 45 venues across Europe and North America. The tour attracted up to 1.5 million fans and the band grossed $237.8 million in earnings.

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How Much Is He Worth?

The famed guitarist has a net worth of $340 million and this largely stems from his illustrious career with The Rolling Stones. Richards has also had a successful solo career, with his band known as X-pensive Winos, and has dropped up to three solo albums – Talk is Cheap (1988), Main Offender (1992) and Crosseyed Heart (2015).

Keith Richards has received numerous awards in the course of his career. They include the best celebrity cameo appearance at the 2007 Spike Horror Awards and the rock immortal award at the 2009 Spike TV’s Scream Award Ceremony. The Englishman was also named on Time Magazine’s list of the 10 best electric guitar players of all time in August 2009.

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