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Popular for her radiant and shiny dark skin Kimsha Artest is the former wife of basketball coach and former Lakers Champions Metta World Peace. She is also the mother of young basketball player, Ron Artest III, her first son. The black beauty score a good dose of fame when she featured on Basketball Wives LA even though she eventually left the show to focus on other more important things. Kimsha Artest has enjoyed the attention of the media for many years even though she has always preferred to stay off it. Here is everything you need to know about her life as the ex-wife of a former basketballer and the mother of another.

Kimsha Artest Biography

She was born Kimsha Hatfield in New York, United States but is of Jamaican descent. Not much is known about the beautiful lady’s parents and siblings, education or even career. Her early life is very much a mystery especially because she was unknown until 2003 when she got married to former NBA star, basketball player, and coach, Ron Artest who in 2011 changed his name to Metta World Peace. The two remained together for the next eight years before the marriage ended in a divorce.

In the media, she is widely known for her partaking in the 2011 reality TV show, Basketball Wives LA, a show which focused on the wives, girlfriends and other women connected to basketball players in a romantic way. Kimsha was part of the reality show alongside Laura Govan, Jackie Christie, Imani Showalter, and Gloria Govan. Artest only took part in the show for a season and then backed out after she claimed that some of the women were not wives to basketball players whereas others were. Nevertheless, she further explained that some of them were not very coordinated. She pinned her reason for quitting the reality show on the bases of not wanting some of the dramas involved with the show in her life.


Kimsha Artest
Kimsha Artest and Metta World

One remarkable thing about Kimsha from back when she used to be married to a popular former basketball star and mother of another basketball player is her ability to keep her private life off the cameras and off the pages of magazines. Details about her parents and siblings have remained strictly off media radar for a very long time.

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Kimsha married Ron Artest (now Metta World Peace) in 2003. The bliss lasted until 2011 when they decided to go their separate ways after having three children together;  Saddie, Ron Artest III and Diamond. Amongst the three children, Ron Artest III who was born in 1999 has earned himself a good name in basketball just like his father, thereby making Kimsha an ex-wife to a basketball player and a mother to yet another player.

Her ex-husband, World Peace was born on November 13, 1979, and is an American professional basketball coach as well as an ex-basketball player. In his career as a basketball player, Metta played for the Chicago Bulls (1999-2002), Indiana Pacers (2002-2006), Sacramento Kings (2006-2008), Houston Rockets (2008-2009), Los Angeles Lakers (2009-2013), New York Knicks (2013-2014) among several others. Upon his retirement as a player, he was hired by the South Bay Lakers as a player development coach in 2017.

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Facts About Metta World Peace Ex-Wife Kimsha Artest

1. Kimsha’s age is not known mostly because she has kept a tight lid on her birth date. Although speculations have been that the black beauty was born in 1977, there hasn’t been any proof as to whether she was actually born that year.

2. As popular as she is, Kimsha is known to be a person who pays little or no attention to social media unlike many other celebrity wives who enjoy a good time on different platforms.

3. Kimsha and her ex-husband World Peace were reportedly lovers for a very long time before they got married. However, even though the two got divorced in 2011, they still remain close friends and have joint custody of their three children.

4. Despite the obvious fact that not much is known about Kimsha Artest nor the job she currently does, it has been reported that the former Reality TV participant has a fat account. Her net worth is also reported by many sources to be estimated at $6 million US dollars. The source of her wealth has been attributed to her divorce settlement.

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5. Just like her ex World Peace, Kimsha is often easily noticed and admired for her height that is said to be about 6 feet. Aside from her noticeable height, she is known to possess an athletic body.

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