Lana Lokteff – Age, Husband & What To Know About The White Nationalist

Lana Lokteff is an American socio-political commentator of Russian descent, who is best known for her promotion of the alt-right movement.

Lokteff, who was born in Oregon, is also a podcast and talk show host with her husband, Henrik Palmgren, a Swedish political commentator and host of the podcast and video program, Red Ice Radio.

Lana Lokteff’s Bio & Age

Lana Lokteff was born in Oregon, U.S.A, on March 14 to Ruben J. Lokteff and Vera Agaphia Lokteff. The exact year of her birth is unknown but it is said to be sometime in the ’80s.

Her father, Ruben, previously worked as an investment advisor but now owns and ministers at a church named Touchstone Ministries in Redmond, Oregon. He was in the news in the late 80s over a legal dispute with the Great American Life Insurance Company. It is common knowledge that he declared bankruptcy in 1997. Her mother, Vera, was meanwhile a majority shareholder of the now-defunct Piggyback Records which helped her children; Lana and her brother Joseph, set up their own recording studio in 2003. She now identifies as having an interest in spirituality which she blogs about.

Lokteff attended Portland State University where she majored in physics and minored in philosophy. She has said that she chose to study both courses in order to find a bridge between both disciplines. Her plan did not go as she had planned as she, later on, dropped out of school to pursue a career in music, film, and writing. Lana would later move to Los Angeles to make her dream a reality, only to move back to Oregon because the rent was too expensive for her.

Who Is Her Husband?

Lana Lokteff is married to Henrik Palmgren, the founder and Editor in Chief of the white nationalist, Swedish ethnocentric website, and radio, Red Ice. The couple met in 2007 after Lokteff listened to one of his podcasts and reached out to him to collaborate on a music project.

She first travelled to Sweden to work before eventually falling in love with him. The date and location of their marriage are not known. It is also not clear if the couple has any children although some reports say they do.

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The couple currently resides in Sweden, their primary home, but claim America as their second home.

What To Know About Henrik Palmgren

Henrik Palmgren is originally from Sweden but has lived in Oregon for many years. As stated above, he owns Red Ice but is also a YouTube personality, a vlogger, and a political podcaster.

Palmgren identifies with the white nationalist movement and was present at the ‘Unite the Right rally’ in Charlottesville, Virginia whose aim was to oppose the removal of the statue of Confederate commander, Robert E. Lee, from the Emancipation Park.

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Other Facts About Lana Lokteff

1. Lana Lokteff’s great-grandparents were immigrants. They fled Russia by walking to China before ultimately ending up in the United States to avoid persecution from the Bolsheviks.

The public and her audience might not believe it due to her stance on immigration which says that immigrants today are only leaving their country to seek financial security. She says the idea that people flee from poverty renders the idea and system of immigration unuseful.

2. Lokteff currently identifies as the most prominent woman promoting the alt-right ideology. She currently hosts a podcast titled Radio 3Fourteen, a name in which she coined from her date of birth, which is also World Pi Day.

On the Podcast, Lokteff comments about the alt-right movement as well as other socio-political issues. She also co-hosts the talk show Red Ice Live with her husband. On it, they discuss European cultural identity, ancestral traditions, and health. She also hosts Weekend Warriors, which is a live TV show for members of Red Ice.

3. The socio-political commentator owns an organic clothing line which is called Lana’s Llama.

4. In 2007, Lana Lokteff filed a lawsuit against U.S. Allegiance Inc., a marketing agency based in Oregon, for sexual discrimination and harassment despite having an opposing view of feminism.

She asked the court to compel the company to pay her non-economic damages worth $300,000 and punitive damages of $1,000,000. The lawsuit was later settled out of court.

5. Lana’s brother Joseph works as a secretary of her father’s church.

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