Critical Facts About Lee Ann McAdoo – The Infowars Anchor

Lee Ann Mcadoo is a conservative journalist and television host whose interests in conspiracies and astrology has established her as a famous American reporter. Often referred to as ‘Wonder Woman’, McAdoo is a reporter who works for, a controversial right-wing website run by radio show host, Alex Jones.

Who Is Lee Ann McAdoo?

Lee Ann McAdoo was born on 7 February 1979 to Steve and Kathryn McAdoo Johnson. She and her two siblings – Shane and Jennifer McAdoo – were raised in Sarasota, Florida. This reporter of Irish descent attended the University of Texas, Austin, from 2008 to 2011 where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism.


McAdoo is also an actress who played the role of Helen on some episodes of the military drama television series The Last Resorts from 2009 to 2010. After graduation, she gained some experience working in journalism, video production and music blogging. Prior to her working with InfoWars, McAdoo had worked as a music blogger for LegitArt Entertainment in 2010 and as a Music Television Host for Balcony TV, Austin from 2011 to 2012. She later produced and worked with Jeff Ray on the music video for Hope Dies by ZEALE ft. Patricia Lynn. Using the alias ‘Bohemian Lee’, she also owned the blogs, and where she published her reports. But since she began working with alternate media outlet InfoWars, McAdoo has, however, taken down those websites and the social media accounts associated with them.

Her dedication and passion, as well as interest in astrology and conspiracies, earned her a job with the controversial right-wing website in 2013 as an anchor and writer. There, she has grown to become one of their most popular reporters. With InfoWars, the conservative reporter and self-proclaimed psychic’s work schedule includes conducting interviews and sometimes hosting the Nightly News segment. Her quality of delivery and intellect has garnered her much attention and a large fan base.

Lee Ann Mcadoo Controversies

Since she began working for InfoWars, Lee Ann McAdoo has been associated with controversies. On the political scene, she is known as a Right-Wing Donald Trump supporter and vehemently Anti-Hillary Clinton. More so, she is a vocal critic of the traditional media which she argues keeps people in a trance and ‘dumb unto death’. According to her, the alternative media has not only opened her eyes to the truth but has helped the public to finally break free from the illusion.

Lee Ann McAdoo

Perhaps one of her biggest controversies yet was a 2015 scandal where she was speculated to be romantically involved with her boss Alex Jones who was at the time still married to his wife, Kelly Rebecca Nichols. Lee Ann McAdoo was later accused of being responsible for Alex Jones and Rebecca Nichols eventual divorce. However, both Jones and McAdoo addressed the controversy and denied the allegations in an episode of their show. Following the scandal, McAdoo also reportedly took a temporary hiatus from work at InfoWars but has since returned to her job and put the controversy behind her.

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She is also said to have once dated artist Valin Zamarron from ZEALE. While there is no information available about Lee Ann’s current boyfriend or relationship, we do know she is not married (at least for now) and is possibly single.

Height, Body Measurements, and Other Facts

  • Pet Lover

Lee Ann loves animals and has so far owned no less than three pet dogs. First, it was a chihuahua called Monte who died in 2015, then came another Cosmo, who she also lost a few months after. Lee currently has another chihuahua pet Merlin Jetson.

  • Real Name

McAdoo’s controversial nature dates back to her college days where she is reported to have lived under several aliases such as TheBohemianLee, Love_LeeMc, and Tenacious Lee, in order to hide her family’s identity. It is further speculated that Lee Ann McAdoo, is not actually her real name. Some sources reveal that while Lee is her first or middle name, her real name could be Leeann Fleisner or Sarah Epstein.

  • Height and Body Measurements

Lee Ann McAdoo is of average height. She is 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters) tall and weighs about 59 kg (130 lbs). Her body measurements are, breast – 36 inches (91 cm), waist – 26 inches (66 cm) and hips – 36 inches (91 cm). She has brown hair and eye colors.

  • Location

Lee currently resides in Austin, Texas where she works for InfoWars which is a walking distance from her house.


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