Liam Neeson Lost His Wife To A Ski Accident – How He Coped With Their 2 Kids

Liam Neeson is one veteran actor who began humbly before his big breakthrough in Hollywood. He made his first film appearance in the 1970s and became quite popular after his role in the Oscar-winning film Schindler’s List I. Since then, he has starred in several other films, which has earned him either Golden Globe and Academy nominations or Awards. In 2000, he was decorated by the Queen of England, Elizabeth II  as Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his immense contributions to the Arts. He also got an honorary doctorate in 2009 from Queen’s University, Belfast.

In March 2009, Liam was busy on set when he got a call that the love of his life, Natasha Richardson, had fallen and hit her head on a beginner’s slope while taking a beginner skiing lesson, as simple as that call was, it changed the cause of his life forever. Natasha had died of head injury from that fall, and Liam has been forced to move on with his life without the love of life; here is all you need to need to know about their lives together, the tragic incident, and how Liam and the boys have coped ever since.

Their Meeting Was Love At First Sight

Natasha and Liam met 1993 while working on Broadway’s Anna Christie. Although Richardson described the beginning of their relationship as bad timing because at the time she was ending her marriage with producer Robert Fox, she did confess that their chemistry was undeniable and that she fell head over heels in love with him.

The connection and chemistry between them were obvious that rumors began to fly around that there must be more about the two in real life than just a stage connection. Although that was not true at the time, it soon became an obvious reality.  When Richardson turned thirty, Liam was in filming in Poland, but that didn’t stop him from sending her cards; this gesture further watered the chemistry between them. She later flew to Poland to join him, and their love blossomed from then on.

Liam & Natasha Had a Romantic Farmhouse Wedding

When Liam Neeson was done shooting Schindler’s List in Poland, he returned to the U.S and the pair bought an 1810 farmhouse in upstate New York, and the following year, July 1994, they exchanged vows right in the farmhouse before friends and family members. Natasha wore a beautiful Donna Karan gown and surprised Liam with a serenade of their wedding song, “Crazy Love” by Van Morrison. This became the beginning of a love journey for the couple.

Liam Neeson
Liam Nelson and Natasha on their wedding day

Five months into their marriage, they released their first joint movie together Nell, and six months later, they welcomed their first son, Micheal Richard Antonio Neeson, who was born on the 22nd of June 1995. The following year, they welcomed yet another son, Daniel Jack Neeson, who was birthed a year after on 27th August 1996.

The Heartbreaking Goodbye

After the birth of their boys, the couple built a home for themselves on the west side of Central Park and got busy with their careers until tragedy struck. Precisely in March, Liam Neeson was busy on set in Toronto when he got a call that Natasha had fallen and hit her head on a beginner’s slope while taking a beginner skiing lesson at Quebec’s Mont Tremblant.

Liam and Natasha just months before her death – Image Source

The fall, which first appeared minor, was what ended the beautiful actress’s life. She reportedly refused to be taken to the hospital immediately after the fall, but unknown to her, she had sustained a head injury when she later complained of headache a few hours later, it was already late.

An X-Ray carried out on her showed her brain was squashed up against the side of the skull. Liam Neeson told Anderson Cooper in an interview that after the doctor told him her brain was dead, and there was nothing that can be done to save her life, he had to go up to her bedside to share the most painful and heartbreaking goodbye ever.

The couple had agreed that if any of them got into a vegetative state, they’d pull the plug. So, the actress was flown to New York, where she passed on peacefully, but untimely. Although the actress died untimely, she still lives in three persons her kidneys, heart, and liver were donated to.

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How Liam Neeson & The Boys Have Coped Since

Neeson Liam and sons – Image Source

Life was not the same for the actor and his sons since Natasha passed on. He revealed in the interview with Anderson Cooper that he used work as a way to get through the years. Between the space of nine years, Neeson Liam appeared in thirty-four movies. “I’m not good without work,” he said. “I just don’t – I just don’t wallow too much. Do you know? And I just didn’t want to – especially for my boys – seem to be wallowing in sadness or depression,” he added.

His son, Michael Richard Neeson, had a rough time after the loss of his mother, and he turned to drugs and alcohol, but thankfully, he got help in rehab and came out clean in 2014. He loves fashion and also seems to also try his luck in acting, he was picked to play a lead role in a 2019 film titled The Two Wolves, alongside popular actors Sir Derek Jacobi and Frances Barber.

It wasn’t also easy on Daniel coping with the death of his mother at such a tender age, but he has managed to look beyond the tragic loss to the beautiful future ahead of him. Daniel also loves fashions and has decided to follow his dreams and tried his hand at designing. He launched his fashion brand called “Pine Outfitters” in 2017 while studying theater and digital media at Tulane University.

Is Liam Neeson Remarried Or Currently Dating Anyone?

Liam Neeson found love again in August 2010, with the blonde American Actress Freya St Johnston. Though it was rumored that they got engaged, they never made it to the altar as they went their separate ways in 2012. He would later reveal to Irish Sunday Independent, that he was in a relationship with a mystery lady. According to him, his new partner is “incredibly famous,” but he refused to reveal her identity saying that he’d embarrass her by doing so. Until now, the identity of this mystery woman is yet to be unraveled.


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