What Happened To Maria Victoria Henao? Pablo Escobar’s Wife’s Whereabouts And Net Worth

Pablo Escobar was something of a mystery until his death. So also was his wife, Maria Victoria Henao, who willingly stood by her drug lord husband amid all the self-inflicted tribulations that befell him until the time of his death. Looking at the history of their marriage, it was indeed love and nothing more that brought the two together, although there were times that it was speculated she was tied to it because she had no other way out.

Maria Victoria Henao and Pablo Escobar were married for 17 years during which she claims she had no ample knowledge of her husband’s narcotics dealings. Although she enjoyed the classy and luxury life while he was alive, Maria Henao was subjected to a seemingly displaced life having to move from place to place as a refugee in a bid to elude the attention of the public after the death of the drug lord. Her fate was definitely on the hang because while her husband was not on the good books of the law, he had also had many enemies who in his absence were sure to go after his wife and family.

How Maria Victoria Henao Ended Up With A Drug Kingpin

Maria Victoria Henao
Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henao (Image Source)

Maria Victoria Henao was born in Colombia in 1961. She has two brothers – Carlos Mario Henao Vallejo and Pastora Henao Bayen. One of her brothers was said to be a part of Pablo’s team during the early days of his illicit business. It was through her brother that Maria met Pablo, and they soon fell in love.

Maria was still a teenager and Pablo in his twenties at the time. Given his poor background, Maria’s parents withheld their consent when the young lovebirds decided to tie the knot. Maria 15, and Pablo 26, drunk in love, made a drastic move and eloped in 1976 to do as they wished. They got married and had two children – their son, Juan Pablo Escobar, born in 1977, and their daughter, Manuela Escobar born in 1984.

At the time, Escobar was already involved in criminal activities including the drug business. With his shady dealings came a series of extramarital affairs with different women. Pablo Escobar had lots of concubines and most of his affairs were well known by his wife.

But Maria amid all this, stood by her husband. She was a traditional family woman and didn’t deem extramarital affairs fit enough to break her marriage. Her decision to stay in the marriage has been interpreted by many to be out of despair and her addiction to the luxurious life she was already used to. More so, having eloped to marry the love of her life, she had no family to turn to.

The End of A Drug Lord – How Pablo Escobar Met His Waterloo

Maria Victoria Henao
Maria Victoria Henao and family (Image Source)

Before the 1990s, Pablo Escobar had already become ‘Public Enemy Number One’. However, while he was loathed by many, he was still loved by many, most especially in his hometown of Medellín‎. By 1993, his wife, mother, and kids were all on the run in an attempt to leave Colombia, but Escobar was still trying to hold on to his territories as a drug lord even though the government was on his trail for many crimes including murder and drug trafficking.

Unfortunately for Escobar, he died on December 2, 1993, after he was shot by the police in a shootout. Pablo had been on a long hide and seek run with the DEA and the police since the 70s till the 90s – when he was eventually pinned. It was indeed a joyous day for the authorities as the drug kingpin was eventually shot dead.

The story of Pablo Escobar has inspired several Hollywood works including the Netflix’s hit drama series Narcos. The series based on the life of the drug kingpin was released in 2015 and was a massive hit.

Victoria Eugenia Henao’s Life On The Run After Pablo’s Death

Maria Victoria Henao and family (image source)

The death of Pablo Escobar was an end on one front, but it was the start of a troubled life for Maria. His death was followed by confiscation of his assets and an intensive search for his wife, Maria, by the police and as a result of this, she was forced to flee with her kids to Argentina with the hope of starting all over again. Before finding a home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she tried gaining asylum in different countries including Germany and Mozambique – but all her attempts failed.

As she continued running from the police, she changed her name and those of her children several times so as to eliminate any connection to her late husband. While her kids went with “Marroquin”, she used different names; Victoria Henao Vallejos and Maria Isabel Santos Caballero.

Unfortunately for her, a TV show revealed her identity in 1999. She was eventually caught by the police in 2000 and was charged alongside her son with money laundering as well as other drug-related crimes. She was also accused of covering up for Pablo and being involved in the business. But Maria maintained that she was unaware of his drug business and was only arrested in Argentina for being a Colombian. She also claimed that she was only a pawn in Argentina’s effort to show the world that it was fighting drug trafficking.

Although she was brought before a judge, Pablo Escobar’s widow was freed after the police failed to provide proof. Today, her son, Sebastian, is a spokesperson, a lecturer, an architect, and an author. Her daughter, Manuela, lives on a low profile and does not grant interviews, neither is she active on social media. In fact, she has distanced herself from her family as a whole.

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Life of Maria Victoria Henao After The Storm

Since losing her husband, Victoria has been through a lot most especially as Escobar died leaving behind kids that were still very young. Not only has she evaded the law, but she was also on the run from the former associates of her husband in fear of any retaliation.

As stated, she was arrested with her son but was later released for lack of evidence, and 15 months after the arrest, the charges against them were thrown out. Maria Victoria settled in Bueno Aires, Argentina with her children, living a very private life – away from the prying eyes of the media.

Although there were rumors in the past that she had died, it all turned out not to be true as she is very much alive and active on social media platforms including Instagram. She also has a book to her name; Mrs. Escobar: My Life with Pablo which was published in 2019.

How Much Does She Have Of Her Husband’s Billions? 

After his death, Pablo Escobar was realized to have had a fortune estimated at a massive $30 billion. What he has made from his drug business when it was all good and rosy, surpassed what he left behind.

Unfortunately, his family did not get to keep a better part of the wealth as almost everything was taken from them including their properties. This means that Maria Victoria Henao was left with almost nothing as she tried to find a new life for herself and her kids.

With that said, her actual fortune at the moment still remains unknown.


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