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Marilyn Monroe is a singer and actress popularly known as one of the celebrities who pioneered the female sexual revolution in the late 40s. Her blonde hair and sexually provocative movies including Some Like It Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and Niagara earned her fame beyond her wildest dream as she became a sex symbol who women loved to hate and men wanted to date.

Her most memorable photo was the iconic pose which she did for the hit movie The Seven Year Itch released in 1955. In the picture, she wore a white gown and was standing over a wind tunnel which blew up her skirt.

Marilyn Monroe’s Age and Bio

Marilyn Monroe whose birth name is Norma Jeane Mortenson was born at the Los Angeles County Hospital, on the 1st of June 1926 to mother, Gladys Pearl Baker (née Monroe, 1902–1984). Her father was never in the picture hence the reason Marilyn adopted her mother’s maiden name. Growing up was tough for Marilyn as she had to move from one foster care to the other because of her mother’s sudden mental illness. She then became a ward of the state which afforded her the opportunity to move in with three different families who later sent her back to foster care. The downside of this was that she was sexually abused in each family she was accepted into. This further made her develop extreme self-consciousness and timidity.

While she was young, she always loved to play house and later found out that she was passionate about it so much that she would be sent off to the movies just to get her out of the home and this is something she loved. After her third foster family didn’t want her anymore, she agreed to get married at the early age of 16 in 1942 in other not to return to being a ward of the state.

Acting Career

She first burst into Hollywood in 1944 through modeling after meeting photographer David Conover while still married to her husband Jimmy Dougherty. Though he didn’t approve, she defied him and went ahead to sign a modeling contract. At this time, she changed her color from her natural curly brunette to blonde so she could get more modeling jobs. She couldn’t go into mainstream modeling because of her hourglass shape and therefore she was advised to become a pin-up model. Throughout her modeling career, she was featured particularly in men’s magazines.

Her journey into acting started in August 1946, and this was the period when she changed her birth name from Norma Jeane Mortenson to Marilyn Monroe. Her very first movie was Dangerous Years in 1947 and Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! in 1948.

Throughout her career, she was used as a sex symbol to attract more men into the theaters. This was okay by her at the start of her career until when she started craving more serious roles as time went on. However, she only got the chance to do a few serious dramatic roles which were modest hits before her untimely demise in 1962. Some of her most popular movies include: Ladies of the Chorus in 1948, The Fireball in 1950, As Young as You Feel in 1951, Love Nest in 1951, The Prince and the Showgirl in 1957, Some Like It Hot in 1959, Let’s Make Love released in 1960, and Something’s Got to Give (1962 – unfinished before her death).

Family, Relationships, and Children

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe and DiMaggio

Marilyn was the kind of woman most men only dreamed of dating and indeed some were lucky enough to be in a relationship with her whereas very few managed to take her to the altar in matrimony. Marilyn Monroe first got married on the 19th of June 1942 when she was just 16 years old as a result of the need to stay away from state-owned shelters for kids like her. The man she married was Jimmy Dougherty, a 21-year-old factory worker who later enlisted in the Merchant Marine and was posted to Catalina Island with her. In April 1944, Jim was posted to the Pacific where he was to remain for two years. Out of boredom, Marilyn began looking for modeling jobs which she got. Unfortunately, the pair divorced in September 1946 because Jim didn’t want her working as a model.

Her second marriage was to American baseball center fielder Joe DiMaggio in 1954. Their union took place at San Francisco City Hall. This marriage was also short-lived as Monroe filed for a divorce in October 1954 just after 9 months of marriage. She later met Arthur Miller, a famous playwright, and essayist in 1955. The year being June 29th, 1956, they were married in Westchester County. Just like her previous marriages, a divorce came through in 1961.

One would expect that after having been married three times that she would at least have a child, unfortunately, Marilyn Monroe never had any kids and it wasn’t because she did not try. Whilst married to Arthur Miller, the actress became pregnant twice however, she miscarried and this was a result of the health condition she was diagnosed with as a child. Marilyn had endometriosis which made it difficult for her to birth a child of her own.

Body Measurements, Height, Weight

It has already been established that Marilyn Monroe was a striking beauty who most women only dreamed of being like. Even in recent times, her iconic hourglass shape and seemingly perfect physique make her a point of reference when it comes to beauty standards. The following are her stats:

Height: 5 feet 4 inches (166 cm)

Weight: 53.5kg (118 pounds)

Body Stats: 37-23-36 in / 93.9-58.4-91.4 cm (Bust-Waist-Hip)

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

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Quick Marilyn Muroe Facts

1. In 1949, Marilyn was the first model contracted to pose for the first issue of the Playboy magazine owned by Hugh Hefner. She was paid $50 for the picture.

2. She died in Los Angeles, California, USA on the 5th of August 1962 at age 36, from overdosing on a drug called Barbiturate.

3. Marilyn Munroe and Joe DiMaggio were planning on remarrying before her death. The conditions given to DiMaggio was for him to quit drinking alcohol and undergo therapy. He also expanded his interest in other things besides baseball.

4. Marilyn was a lover of dogs. The last dog she owned before her death was a Maltese terrier, which was gifted to her by Frank Sinatra. In 1999, two Polaroids of the pet was auctioned for $220,000

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