Where Is Michael Strahan Since His Retirement From The NFL and Who Is His Partner?

Michael Strahan is a retired American football player turned media personality. He played the defensive lineman position and holds the record for most sacks in a single NFL season. He also only played for the New York Giants throughout the entire 15-year professional career that saw him win a Super Bowl ring. In February 2014, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

As a television personality, Strahan has most recently worked as a co-host on “Live! With Kelly and Michael” alongside Kelly Ripa before moving to “Good Morning America”. He also hosts a game show on the ABC network called “The $100,000 Pyramid”.

The Early Life of Michael Strahan

Michael Anthony Strahan was born on November 21, 1971, in Houston, Texas, to Louise and Gene Willie Strahan. He was the youngest of the couple’s six children. His mother worked as a basketball coach while his father was a Major in the United States Army.

Despite being born in the U.S, Strahan spent a good portion of his childhood in Germany. This was due to his father’s work as he was posted to the Benjamin Franklin Village, a U.S Army post in Mannheim, West Germany.

Strahan attended Mannheim American High School in Germany and later went to the Westbury High School in Houston for his senior year. His father saw his son’s athletic skills while he was schooling in Germany and decided to send him stateside to attend high school so he could try and secure a college scholarship.

A tall and athletic teenager, Anthony Strahan lived with his uncle Arthur Strahan, a professional footballer at the time. He played just one season of high school football before earning a scholarship to play at Texas Southern University in Houston.

The Exploits Of His College Career Made Him The Target Of NFL Scouts

Michael Strahan followed in his uncle’s footsteps to play the defensive end position in college where he dominated the line of scrimmage and would often draw double teams. Strahan was so strong that he terrorized opposing quarterback players as he muscled his way through defensive lines. He began receiving statewide attention in his junior year and by his senior year, had NFL scouts coming to watch his game.

Strahan was named to the First Team All-Southwestern Athletic Conference, as well as its Player of the Year for the second year running. He was further selected to All-America first team by a few other associations, including The Poor Man’s Guide to the NFL Draft and the Associated Press.

In the 1993 NFL Draft, Michael Strahan was selected with the 40th overall pick by the New York Giants. His first few seasons in the league were mediocre until his breakout season in 1997 where he had 15 sacks and was voted into his second Pro-Bowl and All-Pro team.

Highlights Of His Professional Football Career

Over the following decade, Strahan dominated the game and during that time, led his team to Super Bowl XXXV which they lost to the Baltimore Ravens. He was also named NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2001 and the NFC division Defensive Player of the Year in 2001 and 2003.

He ended his career on a high note in 2007, beating the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII to win his only championship ring. Strahan finished with a total of 141.5 quarterback sacks which at the time was ranked fifth in NFL history.

His NFL stats boast of 854 tackles, 141.5 sacks, 24 forced fumbles, and 4 interceptions. Apart from being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he has been named to the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team. Decorated with the New York Giants Ring of Honor, Strahan was a part of the NFL all-star game seven times, was named to the First-team All-Pro four times and was the league’s sack leader in 2001 and 2003.

Michael Strahan Had A Smooth Transition Into A Media Personality

It was sometime in June 2008 that Michael Strahan retired from the NFL. He wasted no time to kick off his media career thereafter as it was in the same month of the year that it was disclosed that he would become a part of “Fox NFL Sunday”.

Yes, after retiring, Strahan moved straight into television as an analyst with FOX Sports. He then starred in a FOX sitcom titled “Brothers” before he was named as a replacement for Regis Philbin in September 2012, after a number of appearances on the show which was re-titled “Live! With Kelly and Michael”.

A two-time Emmy winner, Strahan left the show in April 2016 and started co-hosting ABC’s “Good Morning America” and “GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke”. He continues to serve as an analyst for Fox NFL Sunday and is the executive producer of ABC’s “The $100,000 Pyramid” which he also hosts.

The Truth About His Relationship With Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa was Strahan’s co-host on the show “Live! With Kelly and Michael” after the latter replaced Regis Philbin. However, Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa’s relationship got strained after Strahan announced he was leaving their show.

Ripa was said to be very angry, adding that the news of his departure was not properly communicated to her. In protest of his departure, she skipped the next morning’s show, returning to work a week later.

Michael Strahan

There was obvious on-screen tension between the two as Strahan apologized. After his departure, she has continued to send direct and indirect jabs at him, describing him as “ungrateful” at some point.

Founding SMAC Entertainment And Other Ventures

In addition to the foregoing, the former NFL star co-founded SMAC Entertainment with his friend Constance Schwartz in 2011.
SMAC sees itself as a multi-dimensional talent management, music, branding, and production company.

Apart from representing recognized talent, the establishment produces a vast range of diverse content and has collaborated with primetime cable and broadcast networks a great deal.

Among other things, SMAC has over the years, seen to the launching of two men’s clothing and accessory lines with J.C. Penney. They are Collection and MSX by Michael Strahan.

Michael Has Been Married and Divorced Twice

His first marriage was to Wanda Hutchins with whom he has two children; a daughter named Tanita Strahan born in 1992, and a son named Michael Anthony Strahan Jr. born in 1995. The couple divorced the following year and Strahan moved on to marry Jean Muggli in 1999.

Michael and Jean had twin daughters named Sophia and Isabella Strahan, born in 2004. Like his first marriage, the second failed to stand the test of time as they parted ways in 2006 in a well-publicized divorce.

Jean accused Michael of domestic violence and cheating on her with three women. The worst of her accusations is the claim that the NFL star secretly filmed her sister while she was undressing. As expected, an ugly legal battle ensued and Jane was awarded $15 million as settlement at the end of it. In addition to that, she receives $13,000 every month for their kids. The figure was initially $18,000 but was reduced in 2009.

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A Look At The Relationships He Has Kept Since His Second Divorce

Since his second divorce, Strahan has dated a couple of women, most notably Nicole Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife. The pair were engaged in 2009 but later broke it off in 2014 due to conflicting schedules and allegations of infidelity.

As the story goes, she was forcefully removed from Beverly Wilshire Hotel for banging on a door leading to a room she believed Strahan was in with another woman. Even though their relationship failed, they have remained good friends.

At some point, it was suspected that Michael was having something special with his personal trainer named Latreal Mitchell. But hardly can anyone tell what really happened between them.

Kayla Quick and Michael Strahan: Image Source

It was reported in 2016 that Strahan was dating Kayla Quick, a former strip club waitress who was once arrested for stealing her grand mother’s jewellery. It is unclear if they are still together as some tabloids have reported Strahan to be her ex-boyfriend.

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