The Gist on Paige Price’s Move From Modeling to Acting and Her Marriage to Frankie Muniz

American model Paige Price came to the spotlight following her romantic relationship with popular actor, band manager, car race driver, and television host, Frankie Muniz, who is popular for portraying the title character Malcolm in the TV sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle from 2000 to 2006.

When Paige and Frankie became engaged, the former model got really famous, especially because curiosity about the identity of the woman who stole Frankie Muniz’s heart was at zenith level. Presently, Paige is no longer into modeling as she has taken up another career path in television hosting.

Paige Price Began Her Modeling Career as an Eighteen Year Old

Paige Price was born as Paige Ocktobur. She chose to use a different last name for her modeling profession and also picked up the nickname, Pog. Her modeling career began in 2010 at the young age of 18 after she wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue with her earlier plans of becoming a forensic pathologist.

While it is reported that the model has since been able to walk the runway for some notable brands, the exact details of the work she did on the runway are not readily available. Her modeling career continued until the American beauty hit the age of 21 when she emerged as the winner of the Miss Classic Kumite competition in 2013 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She later competed and won New York City’s Link and Laces golf tour.

She Later Left Modeling For Another Career Path on Screen

There are no records indicating that Paige Price really went into mainstream acting. It is instead her partner that is the real actor in the family. After having modeled for a few years, Paige landed a hosting job with the golf network in 2013, shortly after her 21st birthday. This prompted her to abandon modeling to try her hands on a different career path.

Price initially started with hosting short segments on the network. After gaining considerable skill in the field, she began conducting interviews with high profile golf personalities. Subsequently, the Arizona native fell in love with the sport and decided to continue to go down that path.

In addition to what she does with the golf network, she also functions as a writer and frequently puts her literary skills to good use. Back in 2017, her boyfriend Frankie told Us Weekly that Price’s writing had become a resource through his struggles with long-term memory loss.

Paige Price Began Dating Frankie Muniz in 2016

Paige and Frankie  image source

Paige Price and Frankie Muniz first met in February 2016 at the Frank Sinatra 100th anniversary invitational held in Palm Springs, California. It may not be far from the truth to surmise that the duo experienced a romantic connection the second they first locked eyes because they became an item shortly afterward.

Another indication that they hit it off immediately is a celebratory post by Price on her partner’s 32nd birthday where she shared a photo of the day they met. According to the model, they both knew that they would fall insanely in love over just one look across the room.

From what is obvious, things moved fast for the couple as they made their relationship Instagram official in October 2016. Moving forward, the loved up pair never misses a chance to showcase their love on social media.

We Got To Know About Their Official Engagement Via Instagram

When the couple finally decided to live the rest of their lives together, fans and the general public got to hear the good news through Instagram as both took to their different accounts to share their exciting engagement news in November 2018.

It was later revealed that their engagement took place at the Pinal Fairgrounds Lantern Fest in Casa Grande, Arizona on the 18th of November. Price’s exact words on Instagram were that, as a little girl, you always dream of getting married to the man of your dreams, you dream of the way he will propose, your wedding dress, and the music you will eventually dance with your dad. She also let on that our reality can sometimes overstep our dreams and leave us really surprised.

Price further gushed about Muniz, saying that the actor is more than a dream to her. He teaches her every day, the compliments keep coming when she is feeling bad, and never hesitates to push her past the edge but always there to serve as a buffer when she starts showing signs of falling. Price also mentioned how she loves every piece of Muniz and appreciates him more and more every day. She truly cannot wait to be the actor’s wife.

Paige Price’s Instagram post was just a precursor for her fiance’s own because Muniz only waited a few days before taking to the same platform to gush about their recent engagement, showing how grateful he was for his enduring relationship. According to the actor, Price made his life instantly better the moment she said yes. The Malcolm in the Middle star said that as long as he has her by his side, he wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Couple Have Since Tied The Nuptials

Paige Price and Frankie Muniz waited for eleven months after their official engagement before taking things to the next level. They added some drama to it by eloping on the 3rd of October 2019 before news later broke that the celeb duo exchanged marriage vows on the 21st of February, 2020. They even made it more romantic by targeting the fourth anniversary of the day they first met to say “I do” in a romantic Arizona wedding.

Recently, Paige Price’s husband told People about their big day. According to him, every single moment of their wedding day was just perfect. From waking up to arranging things with their wedding planner, and finally taking the walk down the aisle with his best friend. Also, knowing that their family and close friends were in attendance made it even better.

Muniz revealed that he never really believed that someone’s wedding day can be the best day of their lives. Until he experienced it, the actor always thought it to be a cliché or maybe something they had to say. But now, Muniz is of the opinion that his wedding day is the best day of his life with Paige as the woman who holds the key to his heart.

The couple has been living in marital bliss ever since then. Paige Price and her husband recently acquired Outrageous Olive Oils & Vinegars – an Ultra-Premium Olive Oils specialty store in Scottsdale, Arizona. The business is inspired by the awareness of the need to eat healthier and cook with better ingredients. Speculations are rife that they want to make it a family business.


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