Rishia Haas

It is already a known fact that the spouses of celebrities leverage their partner’s fame to grab some attention and recognition for themselves. The same can be said for Rishia Haas, the wife of the celebrity chef and television personality, Andrew Zimmern whose fame has rubbed off on his wife following their nuptials; they got married in 2002.

Away from the shadows of her husband’s fame, Haas has earned recognition in her own right as an administrative assistant working with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. However, she only had a modest existence before the advent of Zimmern in her life. Learn more about her below.

Rishia Haas’ Bio

Rishia Haas’ accurate date of birth has always been missing from the records but recent reports claim she was born on the 17th of July 1998 in the US, which makes her an American national of white ethnicity. Although their professions are not known, Haas parents have been identified as Bill Haas (father) and Amy Dickinson (mother).

The wife of Andrew Zimmern is not lacking in the academics department, she achieved her early education at Anoka High School and upon graduation, Rishia wasted no time in joining Augsburg College where she went to satisfy her quest for further academic qualifications.

Rishia Haas’ career history is rather simple; she was employed in a cooking school store where her husband also lectured. Presently, the mother of one has a job with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation working as an administrative assistant. Prior to her current position, Haas was at The Retreat Alive with the Spirit of Recovery where she held the post of admission coordinator

6 Interesting Facts About Rishia Haas

Her Relationship with Andrew Zimmern

Rishia Haas
Rishia Haas and her husband Andrew Zimmern: image source

They dated for a year before deciding to exchange vows just after Christmas on the 26th of December 2002. Their nuptial which took place at St. Paul Roseanne Nathanson Minneapolis was rather a private affair as not all their relatives and friends were able to make it to the wedding. However, the couple later made up for it by throwing a lavish wedding ceremony in July the next year.

Rishia Haas met her husband in Minnesota

Rishia Haas and her husband first met in Minnesota at a cooking school where Zimmern held a post as a professor, while Haas worked in the food store. Before long, the duo became attracted to each other, declaring their love on the second date. In an August 2011 interview with Oyster, the celeb chef referred to his wife as his ideal traveling partner which points to the fact that their union is a strong one with the potentials to last forever.

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Her age is two decades apart from her spouse’s

When they met, Rishia Haas was just a young girl enjoying life in her twenties while Andrew Zimmern was already well into his forties. However, the massive age difference did not seem to have any impact on the intense chemistry that grew between them.

She became a mother in 2005

On the 25th of February 2005, just three years after their nuptials, the couple’s son Noah Zimmern became part of the family. The duo lives in Edina Minnesota with their son who gets all their love and affection.

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Her Net Worth

Rishia Haas has served the corporate world in various capacities for a very long time. For her efforts, she has acquired a significant wealth over the years. Although the exact value of her wealth is not known, it has been speculated that she’s worth as much as $5 million and that she annually earns around $41,000.

While we are yet to authenticate the true value of her wealth, it is worthy to note that her award-winning husband has amassed wealth in excess of $8 million through his career as a celeb chef, TV personality, radio personality, teacher, and other sources.

She is not so tall

While Andrew Zimmern’s wife is in perfect shape, she stands at a height of only 5 feet 6 inches. However, her weight of 58 kg goes well with her height. Admired for always sporting a smile, Hass has green eyes and a riot of curls on her hair which is dark brown in color.

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