Mouth-Watering Facts About Ryan Bergara’s Biography, Rise to Fame and Relationships

Ryan Bergara has gained international acclaim and recognition for his accomplishments as a director and movie maker. He gained a lot of attention for creating, producing, and starring in Buzzfeed Unsolved, a web series that revolves around unsolved crimes, alleged demonic possession, haunted locations, and historical mysteries. At the time it aired, the series was one of the most-watched in New York and America at large. As the series garnered fame, so did Ryan and his co-host who earned vast admiration for attempting to demystify unusual occurrences that people shy away from.

The cinematographer, writer, and director is a bundle of talent and the owner of Jamexi Productions which he founded to better cater to his production exploits. Given the popularity of his documentary entertainment web series, it is only natural that details about Bergara’s personal life have piqued the interest of many. As much as people keep up with his works and pry on his love life, they’ve wondered about his origin and heritage.

The Producer Is of Japanese, Filipino, And Mexican Descent

Most of the things known about this Ryan revolves around his career. There was a time the only biological fact available about him was that he is an American born on the 26th of November 1990.

As his popularity grew, it emerged that his place of birth was in Arcadia, California, and that he was born to Steve and Linda Bergara. It remains to be known what his mother does for a living but his father is a dentist. He is not the only child of his parents, it can be confirmed that he has at least one sibling, a brother named Jake Bergara.

The producer is of mixed heritage; he has confirmed reports that claim he is of Japanese, Filipino, and Mexican descent. In his own words, he is “half Japanese half Mexican, with a sprinkle of Filipino.”

Ryan Bergara Studied Television And Broadcast Journalism At Chapman University

Growing up, Ryan Bergara was interested in making movies and his passion for cinematography became stronger as he got older. It was at an early age that he began envisioning building a career as a movie producer. Presumably, this influenced what he studied in college.

He was a student at the reputable Arcadia High School in California. As a teenager, Bergara was greatly involved in community service as a volunteer. He engaged in this, cleaning schools and serving food to people in need. As such, it wouldn’t be wrong of anyone to assert that the producer has always been diligent and hardworking.

Pushing through his academic pursuit in high school, Ryan Bergara moved on to have his higher education at Chapman University. From the private institution in Orange, California, he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Television and Broadcast Journalism. It is apparent he knew what he wanted to do with his life from early on as he also went through a special study in Narrative Television. As you would soon learn, this has a lot to do with what made him famous.

Working for Sony Pictures And Viacom Prepared Him For His Career Exploits

His career path took off with his internship at Sony Pictures which he eventually left for Viacom where he was given the position of a Production manager. This afforded him the chance to learn the practical aspects of movie production.

In a search of tougher grounds, Ryan Bergara left Viacom for Whalerock Industries where he expanded his filmmaking experience by working with the popular executive producer, Gunnar Wattenberg.

Before joining Buzzfeed in 2014, Ryan worked as a camera operator at Take One Production for 6 months. All of these broadened his understanding of what it takes to thrive as a movie-maker. When the opportunity came for him to prove his worth, he was ready for it.

Buzzfeed Provided The Platform For Ryan’s Rise To Fame

Joining Buzzfeed in 2014 gave him the chance to expand his horizon especially with the creation of Buzzfeed Unsolved which introduced him to the world as a talent to watch for. He did not stop there but has gone ahead to accumulate a huge portfolio of works which include creating and directing music videos, short films, and documentaries. Among his works are Business and Friends, All of One, The Change Aurawave, and many more.

Buzzfeed Unsolved franchise dwells on both supernatural and mysterious ordeals with a good emphasis on unsolved crimes. His belief that the spiritual impacts on the physical inspired the documentary web series.

Beyond his Buzzfeed Unsolved franchise, he has been credited in at least 8 other projects as a producer and 4 as director. He left Buzzfeed sometime in December 2019 to form Watcher Entertainment with Steven Lim and Shane Madej. Nevertheless, he was retained on contract to continue working on Worth It and Unsolved.

Explaining why he left the media establishment, Ryan Bergara related that he needed to explore other creative opportunities and have real ownership of the content he makes.

Ryan Bergara Is In A Relationship With An Upcoming Actress Named Marielle Scott

Also a writer, Ryan’s girlfriend has been getting a lot of attention recently for playing Kathryn in the TV series, A Teacher. An alum of the University of California (UCLA), Marielle has a BA in acting and is also known for portraying Lucy Sprecher in You and Shelly Yuhan in the 2017 comedy-drama, Lady Bird. 

It is hard to tell when Ryan and Marielle first met or when they officially became a couple, as many wouldn’t have known the two were an item if Ryan hadn’t confirmed the relationship.

Before Marielle Scott, There Was Helen Pan

Ryan Bergara
Ryan Bergara and Helen Pan

For a long time, Helen Pan was the special person in Bergara’s life. She was seen out and about with Ryan and it was revealed that she makes a living as a model.

The timeline of their relationship is blurry but they reportedly met and started dating sometime in 2012. Helen Pan was a huge part of Ryan’s support system and just as when they started dating has been unclear, it was not known that they parted ways until Marielle Scott came along.

People started speculating they weren’t together anymore when neither of them posted about each other for a while. This was confirmed when Ryan proclaimed Marielle is his girlfriend.

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