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Ryan Bergara is a popularly known for his immense interest and many achievements in movie-making and directing. Bergara came to fame when he created, produced, and Starred in ‘Buzzfeed Unsolved’; a web series that dwells on opening up untold events and mysterious cases to its very eager audience in both criminal and supernatural ways. At the time it aired, the series was one of the most-watched in New York and America at large. As the series garnered fame, so did Ryan and his co-host who were well-loved by the audience for attempting to demystify the many unnatural things most people would rather shy away from.

The cinematographer, writer, and director is a bundle of talent and the owner of Jamexi Productions which he founded to better cater to his talents in production. Ryan Bergara pioneered the establishment of this production company and still runs it impressively. It is without a doubt that the media sensation has had impressive works produced or directed by him and his love for cinematic elements just keeps transforming his works thereby putting in a level of uniqueness.

Biography, Ethnicity, and Age of Ryan Bergara 

Ryan Bergara was born on the 26th day of November in the year 1990 and had initially claimed to be an American but this was disproved when he conducted an ancestry test to fully be sure. The results, however, proved him very wrong when it showed that he is of Japanese, Filipino and Mexican descent. Growing up, Ryan Bergara always had an interest in acting basically cinematography which only grew bigger as he got older. From that young age, he envisioned being a major component in movie production someday.

As a teenager, Bergara was greatly involved in community service as a volunteer. He engaged in this, cleaning schools and picking edibles for people in need. Pushing up through his academic pursuit in a high school he has not disclosed, Ryan Bergara moved on to have his higher education at Chapman University from where he graduated with a degree in Television and Broadcast Journalism. From back in his university days, the young broadcast student seemed to have his life all figured out as he struggled to earn the set goal of being a filmmaker.

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His career path took off with his internship at Sony Pictures which he eventually left for Viacom where he was given the position of a Production manager. This afforded him the chance to learn the practical aspects of movie production. In a search of tougher grounds, Ryan Bergara left Viacom for Whalerock Industries where he expanded his film making experience by working with the popular executive producer, Gunnar Wattenberg.

Before joining Buzzfeed in 2014, Ryan worked as a camera operator at Take One Productions for 6 months. Joining Buzzfeed in 2014 gave him the chance to expand his horizon especially with the creation of the show “Buzzfeed Unsolved” which introduced him to the world as a talent to watch for. He did not stop there but has gone ahead to accumulate a  huge portfolio of works which include creating and directing music videos, short films, and documentaries. Among his works are Business and Friends, All of One, The Change Aurawae’ and lots more.

His work on ‘Buzzfeed Unsolved’ dwelt on both supernatural and mysterious ordeals with a good emphasis on unsolved crimes. Believing the spiritual impacts on the physical moved him to take his work to places most affected by negative events.


Ryan Bergara
Ryan Bergara and Helen Pan

Bergara is married, but he as he has a girlfriend he never fails to show off who goes by the name of Helen Pan. Pan has been seen out and about with Ryan Bergara over the years, but there’s still no real detail of what she does for a living as the two have chosen to keep it a small circle. The timeline is blurry but they reportedly met and starting dating sometime in 2012. Helen Pan constitutes a huge part of Ryan’s support system as she consistently posts about his websites through her social media handles.

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Ryan Bergara’s Height and Weight

The media sensation is endowed with many good features physically. He stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 150 pounds (68 Kilograms). He sports a full mane of black hair and has brown eyes.

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