How to Find Jobs in Ghana: Job Hunting Search Techniques that Work

Looking for a job these days can be extremely hard, even dreaming to get one is a big deal regardless if you are a graduate or not. However, this does not mean that there are no jobs available. Below are some of the tips you can use to search and get jobs in Ghana.

How to Get Jobs in Ghana

1. Search and Apply for Jobs Online


When searching for a job online, look for the specific niche you are qualified for and apply for any open listings in any company. When uploading your resume ensure that you follow the instruction, if they say that they want a full photo, do not upload a passport only. Following instructions will tell the hiring manager whether you are capable of following instructions and obeying orders. Applying for a job online is very vital as this is the first stop hiring managers make to search for potential employees. Also on the search engines, ensure that you sign up for the particular jobs that you want on the RSS feeds. So that you can be notified of any open positions available within a few minutes of them being posted.

2. Answer Job Clippings

When walking around and searching for a job, you might come across leaflets indicating job vacancies in certain organizations, go ahead and apply for the jobs as most are legitimate. Also look up on notice boards, as some organizations often post vacancies on such to cut down on advertising costs. You can also look at the back of newspapers for job vacancies available, do not imagine that the jobs have been applied for as many people do think that way and that the jobs have to be re-advertised, they were actually advertised for human beings like you to apply.

3. Have a Profile


Do you want to cut down the stress of searching for a job? Then there’s something interesting you can do: make yourself well-known to recruiting firms without necessarily being seen by creating a personal profile. In many organizations, there exists a career page. To save yourself the trouble of searching for a job, go ahead and fill the candidate profiles as per our qualifications. Do these even if the organization does not have vacancies at that time. This will help in future when there is an opening you will be the first to be contacted for an interview.

4. Ask your Former Teachers

Schooling in Ghana and searching for a job within the system will be easier for a resident than a non-resident. This is because you are aware of how the various systems work. Thus go ask your former class teachers and professors to help you get a job, as they most likely know of an employer who is looking to fill a vacancy in the organization and will even vouch for you. However, when given a potential lead, follow it even if you think you won’t get a job. Go back and tell your teacher/professor about how the lead went by, they will see your dedication and have the motivation to keep on asking for one on your behalf.

5. Go to a Recruitment Agency


A recruitment agency is most likely to have very many potential jobs available. However, when signing up with an agency, you will have to part with a certain amount of money in order for them to look for a job on your behalf. This is however good because they will call you up when they find a job that fits your qualifications. Before paying, ensure that the agency is legally registered as there are many fraudulent agencies conning desperate job seekers today.

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6. Listen to the Radio

Most radio stations often have specific times in which they announce of job vacancies for potential employers, ensure you tune in at this time to get the information you need to apply for the jobs. If you are requested to call in to get the information, do so as quickly as possible and apply for it. You are most likely to get a job this way as most of the job vacancies are offered in mass and are legitimate.

7. Drop your Resumes


Since most organizations do not usually advertise their vacancies, go ahead and take the initiative to get your resume to them, do so in as many organizations as possible. Ensure that you dress appropriately and professionally when you do so as they might just ask you to have an interview then. Be polite to the persons you find at the gate and the front desk as they are mostly used by the organization for screening purposes. However, do not forget to be yourself as this is the most important thing when securing a job.

8. Go for Networking Events

Organizations often go to networking events to share information with their competitors. However in this events, employers also go in search of potential employees, so its necessary you go with your best foot forward and ensure that you communicate and share your ideas with anybody who cares to listen. Offer to give out your contact information and take other people’s contacts, so that anyone who wishes to find you will be able to as they have your contact information. You can also look online for the professional networking sites and sign up with them. Ensure you create a professional profile that will attract employers to your page. Create a relationship with most of the people online on that site as one may hear of a job opening and inform you of it.

9. Ask Family and Friends


Over 30% of people usually get jobs as a result of their family and friends getting a job for them. Tell each of your family members even your extended family that you are looking for a job and let them spread the word. This is because they are most likely to ask for a job, or refer you to a place where you can get a job once the opportunity presents itself. Give them your resume and do not be afraid that it would be unethical as it won’t be if you are qualified. And they are the ones who will be happiest once you secure a job.

10. Study the Organisation and Job you are Applying for

This increases the chances of getting the job as it will help you know how to organize and present your skills in your application and during the oral interview. You need to go through the job description thoroughly so as to know the skills and qualifications that are relevant to the post. Also try to know about the company as much as possible to be well equipped on the best way to tackle their interview questions.

With all these steps mentioned, go ahead and try a good number of them at a time, as your chances of securing a job will be higher. Ensure you know yourself well. This will help you once you get to a job interview as you will know exactly how to answer the questions asked, as your character, personality and skills will, in the end, get you the job you have been earnestly searching for.

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