Susi Cahn – Bio, Net Worth, Kids, Facts About Mario Batali’s Wife

Susi Cahn is the wife of the professional cook, Mario Batali who has been making headlines in the media in recent times as a result of his sexual assault allegations. Prior to the scandal, Cahn has been on the spotlight as the spouse of a successful culinarian who was a co-owner of many restaurants in several cities across America.

She works as the manager of the Coach Dairy Goat Farm Company whose farm products were utilized by her husband’s restaurants up until he handed over his ownership of all his restaurants owing to the reports of his alleged sexual assaults. Now let’s take a look at other facts about Mario Batali’s wife albeit there is a paucity of information about her.

Susi Cahn’s Biography

Susi Cahn has not revealed much information about her personal life to the public as her year of birth along with other details such as her place of birth, educational achievements are not known. We, however, know that the gorgeous wife of Mario Batali is the daughter of Miles and Lillian Cahn. In 2017, her father died at the age of 95 while her mother had passed away earlier in March 2013 when she was 89 years old.

Husband And Kids

Susi Cahn met Mario Batali for the first time at a culinary-related occasion. Almost soon after, they bonded properly and began dating. Two years later, the couple exchanged marital vows on a Caribbean beach and they moved on to have a proper wedding ceremony six months later.

Susi Cahn
Susi Cahn and family

Cahn and Batali have been married for almost 25 years and their union has produced two adorable sons, Benno and Leo Batali. The couple were happily married before the unfolding event of the alleged Mario Batali’s sexual assault which has reportedly caused a crack in their union of more than two decades.

Net Worth

Following the proceeds from the Coach Dairy Goat Farm which Susi Cahn manages, she is known to have acquired great fortune from the company. However, her financial value is not yet known but her husband has been able to amass huge wealth over the years through his profession as a restaurateur and professional cook. He is said to be worth around $25 million.

In addition, the couple are owners of two exotic homes which are situated in Manhattan and Michigan. They presently reside in Manhattan while the second property serves as their summer home.

Other Facts About Mario Batali’s Wife

1. Susi Cahn’s Parents Owned A Company

Cahn’s parents, Miles and Lillian Cahn were the founders of Coach Incorporation. They became the owners of the company in 1950 and later transferred the ownership of the company to Sara Lee Corporation for a reported sum of $30 million. During that time, Susi Cahn’s parents had already established their Coach Farm in 1983 at Gallantinville, New York, as they ventured into the production of cheese and goat breeding business.

2. Her Husband’s Controversy

The review site for restaurants called Eater brought to light several sexual assault allegations against Susi Cahn’s husband, Mario Batali in 2017. Prior to the scandal, Batali was a successful culinarian and co-owner of many restaurants. He was also featured on many food-related TV shows for which he served as a co-anchor and they include Molto Mario, Iron Chef, and The Chew.

In addition, he formed a partnership with Joe and Lidia Bastianich as they established Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group. As a result of the scandal, Mario Batali was sacked as the co-anchor of The Chew and he also relinquished ownership of all his restaurants. More so, the B&B Hospitality Group had made plans to go for a change of name. Susi Cahn’s husband tendered an apology to those he has hurt with his inappropriate conducts in the past.

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3. She Loves To Travel

Cahn enjoys traveling together with her husband as they have toured around several beautiful cities across the globe which includes Rome, Paris, and even the central American country Nicaragua.

4. Susi Cahn Doesn’t Like To Cook

According to her husband, Mario Batali, Susi Cahn only prepares one food yearly which is a birthday cake for him. Unlike her husband who has built a career from his love for culinary activities, Cahn doesn’t really enjoy cooking. She has left the culinary activities to Batali seeing that he is a highly skilled cook.

5. Her Kids Co-authored A Book

Susi Cahn’s two sons Benno and Leo, have followed the footsteps of their father who has written several books on food-related topics. They have also gone ahead to pen down a cookbook entitled ‘The Batali Brothers Cookbook’.


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