Suzanne Whiston – Bio, Facts About Karl Pilkington Wife, How Did They Meet?

Suzanne Whiston is a popular British TV journalist. She is renowned for producing several TV shows including the famous Match of the Day football program on BBC. Additionally, Whiston is the long-term partner of popular comic/TV presenter Karl Pilkington. Their relationship has lasted for decades and has even led to ‘public appeals’ from fans who want them to make their union official and become husband and wife. Find out more about Whiston here including her bio, as well as her relationship with Pilkington.

Suzanne Whiston – Bio

Suzanne Whiston was born in the year 1968. Her exact date of birth is not known but we do know that her birthplace is England. This means that Whiston’s nationality is British while her ethnicity is English. The gorgeous Ms. Whiston has not provided many details on her early life and childhood and as such, there is no information about her parents or possible siblings. There are also no details about the educational institutions she attended. However, there is no doubt that she is well educated seeing how well-spoken she is.

Whiston’s career as a sports journalist began at Key 103, a radio station based in Manchester where she was a producer. She spent some years with the station during which time her excellent work spoke for her. As a result, she attracted offers from several other networks out of which she chose to join BBC. Since joining BBC, Suzanne Whiston has worked as a producer on Match of the Day, a program that provides exciting highlights from all the football matches that take place on any particular day. It also features analysis, forecasts, and predictions.

Whiston’s work with the BBC has also seen her cover various tournaments such as the F.A. Cup, as well as the World Cup. For instance, she covered the 2006 World Cup which was hosted by France. There is no doubt that Whiston has an enviable job. This is because she gets paid to cover and report on sports that she loves.

Husband – Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington was born on the 23rd of September 1972 in Manchester England. He spent his formative years in Manchester and attended Ashton on Mersey Secondary School. Pilkington commenced his career as a radio producer in the 90s but rose to fame thanks to the Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant Radio Show. He not only produced the show, but he also provided comic relief with his hilarious comments and observations.

Since then, Karl Pilkington has become an accomplished TV presenter. He has hosted several comic TV shows including An Idiot Abroad. This is a light-hearted series which sees him exploring the seven new wonders of the world. Another one is The Moaning of Life – which involves him traveling to different countries and experiencing diverse cultures. Karl Pilkington is also an actor and has appeared in TV shows such as Derek as well as the sitcom, Sick of It.

How Did They Meet?

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Suzanne Whiston and her beau first met in the 90s while they were both colleagues at a radio station. Records have it that Pilkington wanted some hot chocolate from the vending machine but couldn’t get it due to the fact that he lacked small change. Whiston then came to his rescue and gave him the required sum. On another occasion, Pilkington helped Whiston to edit her work and she rewarded him with another cup of hot chocolate. The duo subsequently commenced a relationship in 1994 and has been together ever since then. Despite having been together for nearly 30 years, the couple is yet to tie the knot.

There have been some public calls on the couple to get married. For instance, on the 13th of October 2013, Sky One TV tweeted a message asking the couple to get on with it and get married. Despite these and many other quips, the two have refused to succumb to the traditional dictates of society. Whiston has disclosed that she once dreamt of getting married and having kids. She also disclosed that she had to shelve that dream as Pilkington does not want the same thing. Regardless of the fact that the couple has not made things official, their romance has stood the test of time. Their union has even outlived that of some married couples.

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Other Facts about Suzanne Whiston

Whiston owns a production company known as Alrite Productions. It is a collaborative effort with her partner, Karl Pilkington.

She has produced an animated movie known as a Love of two brains. Pilkington wrote the script for the movie.

Her production company also boasts of a popular YouTube channel known as Alrite. The channel mostly features hilarious videos.

Her partner, Karl, is a fan of Manchester United. He previously supported their bitter city rivals, Manchester City.

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