The Untold Truth Of Ben Zobrist And Julianna Zobrist Marriage And Divorce

Ben Zobrist the utility man for the Chicago Cubs baseball team and his Christian pop artist wife, Julianna Zobrist, decided to call it quits with their union since 2016. It was like a unanimous decision as the duo simultaneously filed for divorce but at a different location. While Ben favored Williamson County, Tennessee where they have an offseason home, Julianna went to Cook County, Illinois to file her own divorce papers. According to reports, the professional baseball player cited inappropriate marital conduct as his grounds for divorcing his wife, however, on her own part; Juliana failed to mention any reason for the separation. This write-up will x-ray the untold truth of Ben Zobrist and Julianna Zobrist marriage as well as their ultimate divorce.

The Divorce Details On Ben Zobrist And Julianna Zobrist’s Marriage

According to submissions from the popular baseball player, his spouse of 14 years suddenly started making cohabitation impossible through acts he described as inappropriate marital conduct. Ben expressed doubt that what remained of their marriage could possibly be redeemable.

Ben who is currently observing a leave of absence from his baseball club the Chicago Cubs has been active in the big league for 14 long years and this include over three years he has spent with the Cubs. Other teams the professional baseball player has played with include the likes of Kansas City Royals, Oakland Athletics, and the Tampa Bay Rays.

The divorce proceedings rage on as Julianna Zobrist hired the services of Attorney Karen Krehbiel – the lawyer that represented Kenneth Griffin, the Chicago billionaire in his 2014 divorce. On his own part, Ben Zobrist went for Helen Rogers a known attorney in Nashville, the Chicago Tribune said.

How The Once Happy Couple Met

Ben Zobrist and Julianna Zobrist Marriage
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The duo first met when Julianna was still a teenager of 16 through her sister’s spouse who was Ben’s teammate at Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois, the Chicago Tribune reported. Both were children of clergy and thus did not commence formal dating till the Christian pop artist was admitted into Belmont University for further studies.

According to reports from The Tampa Bay Times, Ben Zobrist and Julianna Zobrist’s marriage was heralded by instant messaging as at 2001 which was later succeeded by some prayerful courtship sessions, orchestrated by mundane routines like extended telephone conversations and chaste dates. Their discussions hinged on topics such as family, God, and baseball.

Their chaste relationship eventually culminated in a 2005 wedding, and the couple has been vocal on how they were able to prioritize their union through a chaotic 162-game MLB schedule.

2014 saw the publication of their joint book titled Double Play: Faith and Family First which ostensibly made it appear like their union was unshakable. According to Julianna’s statement in 2017, they agreed never to stay more than six days away from each other when Ben got drafted as a professional in baseball. They decided that if they are really going to do the baseball thing, then they will be better off doing it together. The ex-spouse of Ben Zobrist further said that they were both well informed and were quite aware of the divorce rate in baseball which was then scaling as high as 84%, hence the six-day rule they implemented and tried their best to uphold.

However, subsequent statements from Julianna Zobrist confirm that their initial vow to stay no more than six days away from each order was, in fact, a logistical nightmare as the whole thing was completely ineffective.

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Julianna Zobrist Voices Out

Julianna Zobrist finally broke her silence since the announcement of their impending divorce. She took to Instagram to share a picture of herself alongside their three kids with a message to her fans, thanking them for the support they showed her in the ongoing divorce proceedings from the Chicago Cubs infielder.

In her gratitude, Julianna Zobrist showed appreciation to her fans for stepping forward and not backward, for not shutting their eyes from her situation, for holding her heart within theirs, even when they are yet to understand exactly what it is they are holding. She promised to share her story with fans in the future but not now, maybe when she feels a bit better about it. And thus Ben Zobrist and Julianna Zobrist’s marriage finally came to an end after 14 long years with three children to show for their time together.

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