Tony Dokoupil – Bio, Parents and Children of Katy Tur’s Husband

Tony Dokoupil is one of the most talked-about journalists of all time and this is all thanks to his long-running career in broadcasting as well as his notorious involvement with the drug world. The American journalist has worked with various media outlets, contributing to both international and local news. Interestingly, he has excelled both in his career and marital life. Learn all the interesting details you need to know about him below.

Tony Dokoupil – Bio

Tony Dokoupil has not revealed the exact day he was born, but sources say that he was born in the year 1981. He was raised by parents Ann Dokoupil and Anthony Edward Dokoupil in what he has publicly described as years filled with sour-sweet experiences. He never took delight in traveling as a child but was often on the road with his mom.

Tony lived with the impression that his parents were wealthy, little did he know that his mom was involved with drug business and her many trips were basically to collect drug money. With wealth like that, he raised shoulders with the ex-president of the United States; George Bush’s grandchildren who attended the same private school with him. He often thought his dad was a real estate mogul but in his later years, he got to learn about his drug addiction as well as his drug involvements. Sadly, his father’s deeds caught up with him, leaving him to be solely raised by his mom.

As his father left, Tony and his mother experienced serious hardship. They vacated their expensive home and acquired a modest apartment in Maryland. Eventually, Dokoupil dropped out of school and followed in his father’s stead as a marijuana smuggler. He succeeded in his trade for a few years, hence making lots of money and losing some as well.

While making his cash, Tony Dokunpil went back to school, enrolling at George Washington Univesity of Business. There, he majored in Communication and marketing, graduating in 2003 with a BBA summa cum laude. He subsequently acquired a Masters degree in 2005 from the Columbia University. He also holds a Ph.D. in media studies.


Tony Dokoupil’s career took a form while as a University student. He began to work as a writer and editor for Newsweek periscope. Three years down the lane, he got a bigger job as a senior writer for The Daily Beast and Newsweek. Shortly after he got the position, he began to work for NBC News. He spent three years with them, before joining MSNBC where he worked as a reporter. He worked tirelessly and became well grounded with the ethics of broadcasting, covering various news both locally and internationally.

The Maimi native subsequently moved to CBS channel News where he currently works as a correspondent. Some of his notable works include reports on the Presidential primaries, the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the armed occupation of federal land in Oregan, and the Flint Water Crisis. He has also graced several shows and programs like CBS Sunday MorningFresh AirMorning EditionCNNToday Show20/20, and MSNBC. 

Besides his broadcasting career, Tony Dokoupil is also a published author. He released a book entitled The Last Pirate sometime in the year 2014.

Tony Dokoupil’s Parents

The talented journalist was born to American parents and was raised in a drug home. His father, Anthony Edward Dokoupil was said to have lived his life away from his family. He was a drug addict and a smuggler of marijuana. His mom, Ann Dokoupil who single-handedly raised him was also well involved in the drug business. After his father was caught, his mom struggled to raise him. Today, Tony is not quick to forget his beautiful days with his mother as he always mentions her in most of his interviews.

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Family Life Children of Katy Tur’s Husband

Tony Dokoupil
Katy Tur and Tony Dokoupil

Tony Dokoupil married his longtime sweetheart Katy Tur. The two met for the first time in the makeup room at MSNBC where he previously worked. They soon kicked off a relationship and on the 28th of January 2017, they became engaged. After a nine-month engagement, the two exchanged their vows in Utah desert with no flamboyancy, network or all the paparazzi involved with wedding ceremonies. Despite this, they had a few guests who traveled far and wide just to share in their joy.

On the 13th of December 2018, Katy Tur publicly revealed that they were expecting their first child together. Then, on the 13th of April 2019, their adorable son, Theodore Dokoupil was born. Katy Tur currently works as a correspondent for NBC News. She is of Jewish descent and is a daughter to two famed journalists – Marika Gerrard and Zoe Tur.

More so, before his union with Katy, Tony was married to a mystery woman who he had two children with; a son and a daughter whose identities are not known.


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