How To Watch Tujuane Episodes Online

Tujuane is one of the most popular television shows in Kenya. It is a love reality show that helps people find love. The plot of the whole Tujuane episodes is to get two willing participants to go out on a blind date.

The two hosts, Malonza and Ms Yvonne will venture out to the streets and search for two strangers willing to go out on a date. Unlike other dates, the whole of Kenya and beyond will be watching the proceedings. This probably explains why “Tujuane” which means “let’s get to know each other” is the most popular show on TV. Since February this year, the highly-rated love reality show found a new home on NTV, Kenya. Needless to say that it is one of the most-loved reality shows in Kenya. Yea, it is a show no one likes to miss.

Reasons for Watching Tujuane Episodes Online

Usually, people watch TV shows or programs via a TV set. However, there are several reasons that may drive you to watch Tujuane episodes online.

1: You may be located in an area where the broadcast signal is weak, thus, offering poor reception.

2: You may be living outside the country and need to keep up with the antics of the Kenyan dating scene.

3: You may be caught up with work or in a traffic jam, hence, can’t make it in time for the show.

4: Online TV is digital as opposed to analogue, this means you have clearer reception (quality images and clear sound).

Most importantly, you can always go back and watch previous episodes of Tujuane you may have missed.

What You Need To Watch Tujuane Episodes Online

To get ready to watch Tujuane episode online, you need to put in place, a couple of things. First, you should have the interface or device for viewing. These include laptops, netbooks, desktop PC, tablets, Smartphones, as well as some specific types of a television set. Secondly, you need to have good internet connectivity. Poor internet connections may lead to distorted images, poor sound, as well as frequent loss of signals. ISP providers in the region include Safaricom, Airtel, Orange, Yu, Telkom, Zuku, and more. The larger the broadband, the better the picture and sound quality.

Thirdly, it is important to have a device with a large RAM, this makes the streaming smooth. Again, the processor speed of the computer or any other device should also be high.

How To Watch Tujuane Episodes Online

Once set with the viewing interface or device, as well as a good internet connection, it becomes easy to watch your favourite episode of Tujuane online. All you need is to search for NTV’s website at or NTV and access the service from their site. Viewing from the NTV portal is free of charge.

Alternatively, there are other sites which may also allow you to view the love reality show on NTV via their website. As a matter of fact, there’s quite a number of them including,,, and many others. YouTube also allows people to view Tujuane episodes. The program airs every Monday between 7.30 and 8.00 pm.

Ways of Watching NTV’s Tujuane Episodes Online

There are several ways of watching the show’s episodes. The suitability of each will depend on the device, internet connection, and also bandwidth. The following are the most popular:

· Using a Wi-Fi or cable enabled device: – If your device is near a hotspot all you need is to search for on the browser. This will take you to an interface where you will make the selection.

· Desktop Computer or Laptop: – To view the program using a computer you must connect to the internet using a modem. In addition, you should also buy data bundles.

· Using Mobile phones: – unfortunately, very few mobile phones are able to stream the program live. Most will only allow you to download earlier episodes.

If reality television is your thing or you love watching love and romance programmes, then you will certainly find it ideal to watch Tujuane. The show features people from all walks of life. It may match up the ordinary lad to the classy and sophisticated lady, the young and old or the common fellow and the celebrity. Well, if you are located in a country outside Kenya or you never make it home on time to watch the show or simply want to keep up with every episode, then you should find these tips on how to watch Tujuane episodes online handy.

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