Who Is Wayne Gallman and What is There To Know About His NFL Career?

A standout player and a young NFL star, Wayne Gallman’s talent on the field holds a lot of promise for the sport and his fans. Gallman is one of the key Giants players, a solid and shifty runner who accelerates with fury and powers through tackles. Endowed with a good vision, the NFL star plays with electrifying speed in his game, steadily contributing to the running and passing games.

Despite being relatively fresh in the league, the very laid back player who began putting up impressive performances on the field right from his college days with the Clemson Tigers offers a unique talent and flashes of promise for his team. Here’s all you need to know about the New York Giants running back.

Who Is Wayne Gallman?

A Georgian native, Wayne Gallman was born on the 1st of October 1994 to Felecia Sheard and Wayne Gallman Sr. His father was a Battalion Sergeant Major in the United States Marine Corps. While it is uncertain if Gallman has any direct siblings, we do know that he was raised alongside his stepsisters in Loganville after his parents divorced when he was still a kid.

A naturally gifted athlete, Gallman attended Grayson High School and was part of his school’s football team. It was while in high school that his impressive performance on the field was noticed and he was rated a three-star prospect. Gallman carried on his athletic prowess to Clemson University’s football team. As a college player, he made positive impacts, working and helping the Clemson Tigers to several breakthroughs including one at the NCAA national championship. A true leader dedicated to his craft, Gallman was the leading rusher during his three seasons in college; setting the single-season school record with 1,527 yards as a redshirt sophomore in 2015.

His NFL Career Achievements

Being a promising young talent on the board, Wayne relinquished his final year at Clemson University for pro-football. His golden chance for playing professionally came in the 2017 NFL draft when he was selected in the fourth round as the 140th overall pick by the New York Giants.

Gallman eventually made his NFL debut on his 23rd birthday at Tampa Bay. Wayne had outstanding rookie season records of 111 rushing attempts, zero rushing touchdowns, 34 receptions for 193 receiving yards, and 476 rushing yards.

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Being the second-most talented runner on the Giants’ depth chart, right behind Saquon Barkley the starting running back, Gallman who has become more of a threat inside the red zone and a secret weapon for his team sustains his hope of competing to be the starting running back some day. The young NFL star remains committed to carving a niche for himself and proving to be a valuable asset in a backup role to the Giants. With his unique talent and steady contribution, Gallman offers a new array of options for the Giants.

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Weight, Height, and Body Stats

With his athletic physique and enviable features, Gallman towers at a height of 6 feet 0 inch and weighs 215 pounds. His body mass index has apparently been of great advantage to him on the field establishing him as a runner with great balance, and acceleration.

Being a running back, which is one of the vital positions in the 2017 NFL draft, Gallman has made enviable impressions in his short pro career with his consistent ability to run up the middle with a good vision. However, the young player who is committed to putting his best foot forward remains coachable and a work-in-progress.

Quick Facts 

1. The Georgian native is also called ‘Wayne Train’, a nickname he got while at Clemson.

2. Gallman has a long time girlfriend Alexis Carter, a basketball player who was the starting point guard for the Clemson women’s basketball team.

3. The NFL star seems to have inherited his athletic genes from his dad who also played football at Terry Parker High, Jacksonville and was a coach at Middleburg High School, Jacksonville. After his parents divorced during his toddler years, the younger Wayne’s relationship with his dad was severed but both men eventually reconnected and established a good father-son relationship.

4. During a game in October 2015, Gallman suffered a concussion that cost him a game but he quickly made a comeback, helping his team to win against Florida State.

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