Chronicling Nathan Kress’ Career Success Since He Began at Age 4 and All About His Family

Many actors that started their career from childhood have not been able to maintain their relevance as an adult in the industry, but Nathan Kress is one of the few who have pulled this off brilliantly. His appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live earned him the world’s attention and set him on a path of fame. This actor has shown that the range of his skills is not limited to acting but includes directing and voice acting, a skill he has put to use in a number of animated films.

Nathan Kress Showcased Profound Abilities for Modelling and Acting When He Was a Lad

Before Nathan Kress was four, his mother noticed he had the ability to memorize lines from television shows he watched. This made her take him to an open audition where talent scouts were in search of artistically gifted kids. He had no problem attracting the attention of a talent scout and in a short while, he became a model.

As a model, he posed for several print adverts and was subsequently given the opportunity to appear in several commercials. He did this for more than 2 years and by the time he clocked 6, he decided to further explore his acting skills.

With that, he voiced Easy and Tough Pup in the 1998 film, Babe: Pig in the City. This marked his exit from modeling and the beginning of his acting career. But then, he decided to take schooling seriously, so he stayed away from showbiz until he was 11. The catalyst for his return was his participation in his school’s production of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Kress’ interest in acting was re-ignited after the performance as he had immense fun on stage. This made him opt for homeschooling so that he could balance his acting career and education. His first course of action was to attend acting summer classes where he polished his skills, after which he began to go for auditions. In April 2005, he was cast to play a little version of Simon Cowell on American Idol in a short comic performance. This performance took place on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and with the success it garnered, he went on to act in different sketches for the show.

He got Global Recognition for Playing Freddie on iCarly

Nathan Kress went on to have a lucrative career, beginning with some guest roles on television shows such as House, Without a Trace, and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. He also continued to utilize his voice acting skills by playing voice roles in animated films and television shows which include the likes of Chicken Little, The Penguins of Madagascar Snowflake, and Shuriken School among several others.

Nathan Kress
Nathan Kress in iCarly: Image Source

On the Nickelodeon TV show, Drake and Josh, Kress had the small role of Toplin. The producer of the show, Dan Schneider, was intrigued by Kress and when Schneider was making iCarly, Nathan was called in for auditions which landed him the lead role of Freddie, a character similar to Toplin.

When iCarly started to air, it became a fan favorite and this led to Nathan Kress’ popularity amongst tweens. He reprised the role in a spin-off titled Sam & Cat. He has been a part of other TV shows like CSI; Crime Scene Investigation, True Jackson, Game of Your Life, Figure it Out, Mr. Young, Major Crime, and Game Shakers.

His first appearance on the big screen was in the 2014 film, Into the Storm. He has been featured in many others, including Tell Me How I Die and Alexander IRL.

The Later Years of His Career Have Seen Him Take on Directing

Kress has also found another way to diversify his skills by becoming a director. In 2015, he moved from being in front of the camera to become the director of the Nickelodeon television show, Henry Danger. The actor initially had cold feet about becoming a director; from his experience, he is no stranger to the hard work directing a TV requires. This made him put off the idea of venturing into that aspect but he finally had to summon the courage and face his fears.

As of 2019, he had directed up to 11 episodes of Henry Danger. Dan Schneider, whom he had worked with for all the years he had been on iCarly, served as the producer of the TV show and he nudged Nathan to take on the role.

Apart from Henry Danger, Kress is the director of the show, Game Shakers, and has directed a total of 6 episodes so far.

His Parents Have Been Very Supportive of His Career

Although Nathan is a very popular actor, the same cannot be said of his dad, Steven Kress: he is not an actor neither is he a part of the show biz industry. However, that did not stop him from giving his son all the support he needed to pursue his career in Hollywood.

Nathan’s mother, Rita Kress, played a great role in building her son’s career. Apart from setting him on the path as discussed earlier, she hired an agent for him and homeschooled the actor so he can devote more time to his career.

Like her husband, not much is known about Rita Kress.

The Actor Has Two Older Brothers

  • Name: Andrew Kress
  • Date of Birth: October 23rd, 1987
  • Occupation: Owner of HealthVerity

Apart from Nathan, his parents have two other sons – Andrew Kress and Kevin Kress. Andrew is the first son of the Kress family. He is not an actor but had a cameo in iCarly. Andrew attended Yale University where he obtained a degree in English. He founded his company called HealthVerity in 2014.

  • Name: Kevin Kress
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Occupation: Unknown

Kevin who is also older than Nathan is the second son of the family. He had a foray into acting during his high school days, featuring in several school plays and musicals. However, he abandoned that path and his current pursuits are yet to be made public.

Nathan Kress Is Married to a Stunt Double

  • Name: London Elise Moore
  • Date of Birth: November 2nd, 1992
  • Occupation: Actress (Stunt Double)
  • Spouse: Nathan Kress (Married Since 2015)

For someone who has always worked in entertainment, it is not uncanny that he met his wife in the industry. But then, the details of how Kress met his wife are sketchy. He has however disclosed that both of them had been friends before they started dating in February 2015. A couple of months later, on the 15th of November, they got married.

As at the time of their marriage, Nathan was a few days shy of clocking 22 while his wife was already 22. Irrespective of being very young, they seem to be coping well as a married couple.

And They Are Now Parents

They had their adorable daughter, Rosie Carolyn, on the 21st of December 2017. The excited dad took to social media to share his joy as he announced that his wife had given birth to a healthy baby girl.

In October 2020, Nathan also took to Instagram to announce another baby girl who would join his family in 2021. He also revealed that his wife had suffered multiple miscarriages before the conception.


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