The Ups and Downs of Nick Wright’s Broadcast Career and Facts About His Wife

Nick Wright has quite a number of media talents under his belt. He has transitioned from platform to platform without breaking stride and has been successful with each one. He was once a radio host, then he switched to TV, before becoming an internet sensation.

He is most known as the host of First Things First, a TV program he hosts with Chris Carter and Jenna Wolfe on Fox Sports. His interesting observations and predictions during sports commentaries have garnered him millions of fans. This does not come as a surprise as Nick has always been interested in sportscasting.

Nick Wright Began His Journalism Career While in College

Nick Wright was born on the 3rd of October 1984. It is known that he studied at Syracuse University, New York, where he obtained a degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2007. During his time in school, he hosted various shows on WAER 88.3 FM.

Upon the successful completion of his studies at Syracuse, Wright got a job at Kansas City’s KCSP 610 AM where he doubled as a weekend radio host as well as a production assistant.

He later ran a show called What’s Right with Wright and for the prowess he displayed in his sportscasting, The Pitch, a local newspaper in Kansas City, honored Nick as the Best Sports Personality’ in 2010. More so, he served as a co-host of the program, In the Loop with Nick and Lopez, which aired on KILT 610 AM.

He Joined Fox Sports in 2016 and it Marked the Beginning of His Career in TV Broadcasting

The radio sportscaster became a TV presenter in 2016 when he began to work for Fox Sports. He started by making guest appearances and contributions to FS1’s shows. Nick was also featured as a guest host on The Herd. Sometime in December 2016, he was paired with former NFL player, Cris Carter, to co-anchor an episode of the show in the absence of the main anchor, Colin Cowherd, who was on vacation.

With the tremendous success the two men recorded on the show, former Fox Sports executive, Jamie Horowitz, decided that they should host the FS1’S morning show, First Things First. The show premiered on the 5th of September 2017. Not too long thereafter, Jenna Wolfe joined them to serve as a moderator on the show.

In addition to Nick’s job with Fox Sports, he became the host of a weekday radio program. This pursuit started in 2018 and the show titled What’s Wright airs on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio.

Nick Wright is Admired for the Upbeat Spirit He Employs in Sportscasting

The sports commentator has received praise from several quarters for his apt and insightful commentaries. For instance, Aaron Mansfield from Complex believes that First Things First is very interesting and enjoyable because of Wright’s tactics. Mansfield thinks that Nick’s culture of presenting statistics first before putting forward an argument is applaudable.

Beyond sports, Wright has also been commended for his tactful nature of approaching controversial issues, especially the racial injustice in the United States. When former San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, refused to stand during the national anthem in protest against racial injustice, Nick was supportive of his actions.

More so, Wright has been praised for the insights he gave concerning LeBron James’ basketball playing style.

He Has Been Named the Most Annoying Person in Sports Media

Despite the outstanding strides and admiration Nick Wright has enjoyed, thanks to being very good at what he does, there have also been cases of criticisms. In April 2019, the sports blog, The Sun, named Wright as the Most Annoying Person in Sports Media.

A couple of months later in June 2019, Wright received a lot of heat for making an inaccurate claim during an episode of First Things First. It was about Andre Iguodala and how he received the 2015 NBA Finals MVP Award. After multiple sources debunked Wright’s story, he apologized.

The sports commentator has also been involved in an online feud with former NFL star, Matt Barnes. It started when Nick called Andrew Wiggins a ‘bad basketball player’. Matt regarded this as disrespectful and took to Twitter to confront Nick. What followed was an exchange of throat-cutting words. One of Matt’s statements was even perceived as a threat to Nick’s life.

The Media Personality Met His Wife in 2007

Nick Wright is a proud family man who never ceases to gush over his beautiful wife and three adorable kids. He met his wife, Danielle Wright, sometime in 2007, and after several years of dating, the lovebirds tied the nuptial knot on the 14th of April 2013.

The couple is blessed with a son named Damonza and he has two sisters named Diorra and Deanna. Although Danielle has the full responsibility of taking care of their kids, she is also a fashion stylist.

Like her husband, Danielle works at Fox Sports and has styled him on several occasions before he went on air. Other media personalities she has styled include MJ Acosta and Bomani Jones among others.

Nick and Danielle Had an Interesting First Date

As gathered from one of Nick Wright’s Twitter thread, he was a depressed addict at some point in his life. As fate would have it, he met Danielle who accepted to go on a date with him. On their first date, Danielle brought her two kids along, Diorra and Damonza.

The Fox stylist was prompted to do so to let Nick know what he was getting into if he wanted to be with her. Though this could have had him running away, it was not the case.

A beautiful relationship developed between the two and Nick grew fond of Danielle’s kids as much as they enjoyed having him around. As time went by, their bond became stronger and it inspired them to make the next move.

About six years after they began dating, Nick and the mother of two made things official by exchanging marital vows. Nick adopted Danielle’s kids, and their family bond was further cemented when their third child, Deanna, joined the family.

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