A Look at Summit1g’s Age and Total Net Worth from YouTube & Twitch Streaming

Chances are, the name Jaryd Reusell Lazar does not mean anything to you. It is the real name of the gaming star, Summit1g, who has developed a massive following since he began streaming games at the age of 25. He first made his name in the competitive gaming circuit as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player before transitioning to individual streaming.

Since making the switch, Summit1g has attained several milestones, including becoming the most-followed channel on Twitch. What seemed like an ill-advised career has turned out to be a huge moneymaker for him, amassing a significant net worth from streaming platforms, all at a relatively young age.

A Risky Career Move at the Age of 25 Made Summit1g an Online Star

Ever since he was a child, Jaryd had a keen interest in video games. However, he never dreamed of becoming a professional gamer. As a child, he played console games like Final Fantasy and Joe Montana Football. It continued well into his teenage years when he played Team Fortress Classic and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Even after he became an adult and began working, Summit1g continued gaming as a hobby. He worked as a customer service representative for Time Warner Cable and played video games after work hours. At 25 years old, feeling unfulfilled at his job and seeing the growing trend in online gaming, Summit1g quit his job in 2012 to play games full time.

He struggled to find a permanent team as a pro-gamer due to his modest to passable skills in his early days at playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He joined Exertus Sports in December 2012 and was part of an invite team in the North American ESEA Season 15, he ranked 7th at the qualifier level.

Summit1g during his pro-gaming years: image source

Over the years, he played for Torqued, Quantic Gamic, Potato Streamers, Ze Pug Godz, and Team Mythic. While competing in various tourneys for these teams increased his exposure and popularity, none brought him as much fame and success as independent gaming.

He Has More Than 500 Million Views Combined Across YouTube and Twitch

In the same year Summit1g became a pro-gamer, he created his eponymous Twitch channel. He started his YouTube channel the following year, on January 18, 2013. Using the strategy of playing whatever game is trending, Summit1g began streaming his game plays on both channels. He used Twitch primarily for live streaming and posts highlights on his YouTube channel.

He streams for an average of ten hours a day, and this method proved effective. In 2017, when he was 30 years old, he surpassed Tom Cassell, aka Syndicate, in Twitch followers. By the following year, at the age of 31, Summit1g became the most-followed channel on the platform, eclipsing Riot Games.

He did not hold on to the title for long, as another Twitch superstar, Ninja, overtook him. Still, at 33 years old, Summit1g has remained one of the most-followed streamers on the platform, ranking at #8 with 5.4 million followers as of October 5, 2020.

His huge following has also resulted in more than 400 million views since 2012. Recognizing his influence on the platform, Jaryd Lazar signed an exclusive multi-year content and partnership deal with Twitch. The high impact story is similar to YouTube. There, he has more than 100 million views from over 662 thousand subscribers.

Unlike other Twitch/YouTube stars, Summit1g has built his high following by playing various games rather than a select few. Some of the games he has played include:

  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Fortnite
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Escape From Tarkov
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
  • World of Warcraft and many others, currently estimated at over 190 games thus far.

High Following on Both Platforms Has Made Summit1g More Than $2 Million in Net Worth

The brave decision to leave his job for a professional gaming career has not only made Summit1g famous, but it has also made him rich. Due to the private nature of his financial dealings, it is difficult to determine his earnings to the tiniest detail. However, through various news reports and his channels, we know the two streaming platforms, YouTube and Twitch, are significant sources of his income.

He Makes Up to $2.50 from Every Subscriber on Twitch

Based on company policy, Twitch streamers earn a fraction of money paid by each subscriber to Twitch. Depending on negotiated terms, this fraction can range from 50% to 100% on each subscriber. There are different tiers of subscribers ranging from $4.99 to $24.99. Overall, he has 24.6 thousand subscribers as of this writing, broken down into various tiers.

  • Tier 1 ($4.99) – 10,181 subscribers
  • Tier 2 ($9.99) – 144 subscribers
  • Tier 3 (24.99) – 111 subscribers

Amazon owns Twitch, so aside from direct-paid subscribers, he also has 8,627 subscribers from Amazon Prime users. As of October 9, Summit1g also has 3,408 gifted subscribers, i.e., subs purchased by a user for other viewers or followers. The exact terms of his deal with Twitch remain undisclosed but presuming he makes the default $2.5 on every subscription, Summit1g makes up to $61,500 a month from his subscribers.

Considering the number of subscribers is dynamic, and he once had up to 93,000 subscribers, Jaryd has made over $1.5 million since joining the streaming platform. Aside from subscribers, he also earns from donations from fans.

Ad Revenue on YouTube Has Been a Sizeable Additional Source of Income

YouTube may not be the most rewarding for streamers, particularly as a gamer. Still, it has been a decent source of income for Summit1g. Based on data collected and analyzed by SocialBlade, the Sea of Thieves streamer averages between 30,000 and 80,000 views per video.

Depending on the action of each viewer (if they watch the ad, how long they watch it), his daily earnings can range between $3 to $368. Overall, Summit1g earns between a low $374 to a high $6,000 per month in YouTube ad revenue. That can extend to $4.5k to $71.8k a year, which we have to say, is not a bad side income for the Twitch gamer.

Beyond money earned from streaming and, his popularity has also secured third party sponsorship deals with various brands. He had a deal with Monster Energy Drink and currently has one with GFuel, Corsair, Audio-Technica, and CyberPower PC.

Although they are well in the past now, he earned more than $33,000 from eSport competitions during his competitive gaming years, with a large fraction ($29,000) from the Alienware gaming community.

With diversified and significant income sources, it comes as no surprise that the gamer has more than $2 million in estimated net worth.

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