1. They Strive to Be Perfect

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away. Introverts usually feel that there is more to them than their quiet nature. They put in so much effort working on themselves, bringing out the gold in them and finding better ways to relate with people, so as not to be looked upon as “dull and boring.”

2. They Are More Productive

Introverts use solitude to improve themselves. It’s no surprise that they like to stay indoors, and alone whenever they are out. They are creative thinkers, they just don’t stare into thin air during their alone time, but exercise their imaginations. Most of the inventors in history were introverts. In the confides of their rooms, they came out with what the world would know them for. Introverts also read a lot too, mostly, books on “how-to”, or any material to improve their abilities and results.

3. They Are Not Predictable


One of the greatest assets of an attractive introvert is their mystery. They don’t share everything with everyone, and they like to keep it that way. They are quiet around some, and loud around others. They keep people guessing, and can make others feel like they have earned their interest. Introverts are at peace with the fact that some people will never understand them. This lack of complete understanding can spark a curiosity that eventually builds into attraction.

4. They Are Real

Introverts are not usually salesmen. They’re not known for their ability to spin reality into something that sounds better than it is. What you get from an introvert is an authenticity that can be seen as refreshing and attractive. They don’t pretend, they don’t even have to please friends or cajole people like them.

5. They Excel at Intimate Connections

Introverts are very deep people. Whether it’s interactions with others, understanding the meaning of things, or learning skills, introverts want to get to the root of whatever they’re after. They don’t often have the energy to pursue deep interactions with a large number of people, they tilt towards building deep interactions with a few people, as opposed to shallower interactions with a lot of people. If an introvert is interested in you, they will open their soul to you.

6. They Listen


Introverts listen more than they speak. They crave understanding more than being understood. They want to hear others’ opinions and stories to try and piece together who they are. Everyone wants to be heard and when they find an introvert who would just sit there, listen and concur, they would love the person to the moon and back.

7. They Are Sensitive

Studies show that introverts are physically more sensitive than extroverts. In a recent study, lemon juice was placed on the tongues of both introverts and extroverts. Introverts were found to have salivated more when subjected to the lemon juice. This study shows that introverts’ brains are more responsive to stimuli, and this greater response means that introverts are more sensitive to external events. Introverts feel what others feel. This can range from intense feelings of guilt when they feel like they might have upset someone, to strong feelings of happiness and fulfillment when they do something positive for someone else.

8. They are Better at Delaying Gratification

Introverts are less impulsive and spend more time thinking things through. They are more willing to make sacrifices in the short-term to achieve something greater for themselves and others in the long-run. It just might take some time and effort to get them to open up. Humans value things that are scarce and introverts provide this scarcity in an intriguing way.

9. They Love Deep Conversations

Introverts would rather talk about values than the weather. They would rather talk about childhood events that shaped someone’s life as opposed to learning what someone had for dinner last night. They love to talk about things they’re passionate about, and once they start, it can be hard to get them to stop. These kinds of deep conversations can form a strong connection between two people, and make them feel like they’ve known each other for years. Making yourself vulnerable and talking about deep topics is critical for building attraction.

10. They Are Slow to Anger

Unlike an extrovert who will let all hell loose, an introvert when provoked stays calm. This quiet set of people know how to tame anger, they can express it successfully even without making a scene. Obviously, they act more reasonable and mature, a quality most people would desire in a relationship, whether casual, intimate, family or business.

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