15 Black Child Prodigies- Whiz-kids Who Rock!

Africa’s own child prodigies, all smarts! When we say we hope for change and believe in a better tomorrow for Africa, it includes the efforts of all Africans, home and abroad, young and old alike. This article is dedicated to the genuine and innocent innovations of the new generation of African children who have what it takes to take their environment to the next level. Their ingenuity are seen in several facets of life – academics, music, technology and all others. This is an example  of aid that can positively influence the African continent. It’s true when the African AID advocate, Solome Lemma says change can come through everyone and not just the few philanthropic billionaires.Everyone has a part to play in the development of the continent that gives us identity. These rare gems are the golden children who have the golden answers to the core necessity of Africa, through inventions and innovations that definitely serve identifiable purposes and fill up social gaps in the world around them. Perhaps this is what was meant to give back to nature and humanity for the much that have been bestowed on you. All you have should be used for a purpose and service, these daring African whiz-kids have effortlessly put their gifts into good use by working on it to further develop themselves while being helpful to the society.

1. Esther Okade

Country: Nigeria


Esther Okade is a 10-year-old prodigy who is not scared of figures and calculations like most children are. She is the youngest freshman in U.K’s Open University. As weird as that sounds, it also deserves a wow and a well done as she extends her daunting gift to the aid of other children. Authoring the ‘yummy yummy’ algebra workbooks to help see other children through the rigors of mathematics is an act that won’t go unrecognized. She definitely rocks!

2. Tony Hansberry Jr.

Country: United States

Tony Hansberry Jr. 1

Meet the 14-year-old soon to be neurosurgeon. Tony has had a medical foundation both formally and informally – from home and in school. The young chap obviously did justice to the resources plunged into his education. Tony is the son of a nurse and a pastor father, he sure was grounded. From High School, he had already started to propagate if not build more on his medical interests, this is because it is possible that he must have had one or two medical familiarization from his mother’s profession.  As young as he was, he invented a safer and more efficient way of suturing wounds after hysterectomy. This he did without prior professional training, the 14-year-old seems to have skillful hands and brains for the job. The tenacious young man is known for being firm in the pursuit of a brighter future, when he says, “I don’t know how I’m going to get there, I just know I will” , now that’s the sound of a faith filled affirmation, so much for a pastor’s son.

3. Saheela Ibraheem

Country: Nigeria

Saheela Ibraheem 1

Meet one of the world’s 50 smartest teenagers and the youngest to be admitted into Harvard University. Of the 14 international tertiary institutions that she applied to, all but Yale offered her admission. The multi lingual Saheela indicated her interest in the neurosciences, nevertheless she is no novice in the sporting field. Humbly she says, “I try my best in everything I do” , “Anyone who’s motivated can work wonders.” This African child prodigy never fails to stress that coming this far is only because of the healthy family support system that she enjoys.

4. Wael Mahmoud

Country: Egypt

Mahmoud Wael

This is probably the smartest child in Egypt and maybe the world, he can pass for a younger generation Bill gates. Born in 1999 and currently employed as a technical analyst for Microsoft. With an IQ of 155, need not be surprised at the marvel he is, and still has the potential to be; the rare genius obviously has a flair for mathematics and  science. At age 6 he could solve complex calculations in mathematics in split seconds. I mean, where in the world have you seen a 14-year-old lecture university graduates on an advanced master’s programming course -C++? That’s an indisputable ground breaker. How he gets to understand what 30-year-olds find difficult to understand is beyond imagination.

At the age of 3 this super smart Egyptian kid had already mastered the multiplication tables. Under the scholarship of The Green Land International School he was to further his tertiary education in the 3rd best school in Africa- American University in Cairo (AUC). To perfect his English proficiency which is expected to help his study in the prestigious institution, a 50 hour language proficiency exercise was designed for him, Wael marveled everyone by sparing 15 hours of the session. He had learnt everything perfectly well, to the awe of all. This African whiz teenager seriously rocks!

5. Chibundu Onuzo

Country: Nigeria


Now 21, Chibundu started writing at 10 and it lingered into her teens and at present. At the age of 19, the renowned Nigerian author of The Spider King’s Daughter  was the youngest female author to sign a two-novel deal with the British publisher of literary fiction, Faber & Faber. Maybe she is a second Chimamanda Adichie, who of course she admirers but never feels pressured to imitate her style of writing, both of which are distinctly peculiar to each one. Chibundu who in 2010 became UK’s No 1 black student makes this clear in an extensive Interview with Bella Naija. Since the publishing of her first novel she has been recognized in both the Commonwealth Book Prize, and the 2012 Desmond Elliot prize. Chibundu is indeed a lover of books and her series of successes have justified that natural flair.