2 Mediterranean Shipwrecks Kill About 98 And A Baby In One Weekend

Over the weekend, Africa recorded another loss of African illegal migrants en route from Libya to Italy. On their arrival, survivors explain that there were 2 Mediterranean shipwrecks which has claimed about 99 persons and a new born baby.

African international literary giant, Chinua Achebe once said that the only thing we’ve learned from experience is that people do not learn from experience.

Less than 2 weeks ago, there was a shipwreck at the Mediterranean which saw the drowning of about 500 people. It is believed that the incident was the highest to be recorded in a long while. Just this weekend, a repeat was recorded.

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According to the 26 survivors from the first accident, there were 2 separate ship wrecks off the Libyan coast. One of the boats sank into the sea after leaving the Libyan shores. They were rescued by an Italian commercial ship. The coastguard ship brought them to Lampedusa – an Italian Island.

As at Saturday, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) records that about 84 people including the baby were still missing. The IOM spokesperson, Flavio Di Giacomo says that the inflatable boat in use was in “very bad conditions.” In confirmation, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR, says that the inflatable boat broke into two pieces.

Mediterranean Shipwrecks
Mediterranean Shipwrecks

On Sunday, survivors from the second shipwreck arrived Sicilian port of Pozzallo. During a search operation, 2 bodies were found and 8 people were rescued. There are about 105 survivors from the accident.

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Mediterranean shipwrecks seems to be on the rise as far as illegal migration is concerned. Despite the risks and high number of deaths, more and more desperate people are willing to take their chances sailing on worn out and unsafe vessels.

Report says that this year alone has recorded at least 1,360 dead or missing people, trying to cross the Mediterranean, and over 182, 800 who have made it to Europe.