new African music channels

If you are a music lover and a notorious musical channel surfer of all the music channels on your DStv, depending on where you live, you should be getting one new additional music channel out of three new African music channels that are to be launched courtesy of Trace.

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Trace is the music and lifestyle broadcaster that is owned by the Modern Times Group and they have unveiled their plans to launch three new African music channels on Thursday 1 September.

The three new channels are; Trace Africa, Trace Mziki and Trace Naija and they will be available in Southern Africa, East Africa and West Africa, respectively. Trace is, of course, carried by the MultiChoice DStv platform and so that’s where the channels will be launching and they will broadcast different content specifically developed in their regions.

new African music channels

Trace Africa should thrill Southern African viewers with a mixture of music videos, specials and documentaries which cover genres such as kwaito, house, coupé-décalé, Afro-pop, rumba and ndombolo.

On the other side in East Africa, Trace Mziki, which is a first of its kind channel made in both Swahili and English should provide viewers in places like Uganda and Tanzania with hits in genres such as bongo flava.

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Of course, Trace Naija will service West African countries by serving up Afro-beats, Afro-pop and hip life music. The channels should represent the best of the three regions.

new African music channels

In a statement, Chief Executive Officer of Trace, Olivier Laouchez said that the channels were meant to promote artists in the three regions. According to him;

“Trace is already the leading music brand in Africa. These 3 new localized music channels will help promote more artists from the 3 biggest music hubs of Africa and they will better serve the strong need of the local audiences for great local content.”

With these new African music channels, Trace will be making further inroads into a continent that it is already heavily involved in. The Airtel Trace Music Star competition is just one example of how Trace has been involved in spotting and developing music talent across the continent.