Which Way Nigeria! 3000 Maritime Workers Lose Their Jobs As Companies Fold Up

Reports from Nigeria says that about 3000 Nigerian maritime workers have been retrenched in the past 1 year as a result of the shut down of over 20 shipping companies.

According to the Maritime Workers Union Of Nigeria, MWUN, the sad job losses running in thousands was a consequence of unfavorable government policies.

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Mr. Anthony Emmanuel Nted, the President of the Union says that unfortunately another 2000 workers are bound to lose their jobs as well in no distant time. He mentioned that most shipping companies at the moment were simply conducting patchy services.

“Over 2000 workers(Tally clerks and onboard security men) are involved. “

On that note, he called on the President of the federation to come to the aid of these shipping companies that are fast shutting down. He says that the sector is drastically heading towards a pending collapse.

“The volume of vehicles imported into Nigeria through Nigerian ports has collapsed to an all-time low, with consequent loss of thousands of jobs in the maritime sector.

“In the last two years, the number of vehicles arriving Nigeria has shrunk by almost two thirds, while the volume of cars smuggled through the Cotonou Border has continued to rise unabated.”

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In an empathetic gesture Mr. Emmanuel stated that the real brunt of the job losses will be felt by the families of these 3000 Nigerian maritime workers who lost their jobs. He noted that the retrenchments is only increasing the unemployment rate in the country.

Still stressing the need for the government to intervene in the predicament at the shipping sector, Nted mentioned also that the Nigerian Port Authority is in dire need of infrastructural renovations and operational reforms.

Emmauel also proposed that the government should work on policies that will help resuscitate the economy.

“Government should as a matter of urgency adopt policies towards resuscitating the export of agricultural produces and mineral resources that were hitherto the main stay of the Nigerian economy before the discovery of oil.

“This will no doubt create jobs in our seaports and increase revenue for the government.”