African Awards

Africans gifted each other laughter yesterday as they brought up the African Awards hashtag to laugh at the many woes, discrepancies and other not-so-positive stuff that go on in the continent.

The gloves came off and the funny bones rose up as the worst of the worst sides of each country was drawn out in the African Awards with memes and hilarious pictures to help soften the blow.

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One thing is for sure, you will laugh when you see the tweets that came out of the African Awards but we cannot speak much for afterward when these realities do begin to sink in. Corruption, rigged elections, sit-tight presidents and the terrible state of economies all make up the foundation for the jokes and while they are easy to laugh at on twitter, they are a lot harder to handle in real life.

African Awards

Zimbabwe is the clear uncontested winner as it racks up many wins for the absurd things that seem to occur in the country on a daily. Even the long-running jollof rice battle between Nigeria and Ghana again shows up and this time it looks like Ghana was actually the clear winner but you know Nigerians did not take it lying down.

Let’s catch you up with some of the top tweets if you have not seen them;

All the African government’s shared the award for the most corrupt nation

Zimbabwe for the worst economy award

There is actually a ‘next Zimbabwe’ award, just goes to show how bad things have gotten.

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Ghana wins the best jollof award

Because sometimes we forget that Benin actually exists

Uganda’s Museveni and Zimbabwe’s Mugabe offer up a tight contest for most rigged election

President Mugabe for the win!!!

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Let’s not forget how Kenya slayed the Olympics

Here’s Zim again this time for police brutality.

Is the propensity for Africans to joke about their problems a good thing? Some people would say that we need to because if not what can we really do. So enjoy some laughter and then go out and continue the hustle to hold our leaders accountable and do better for Africa.