With No Formal Education, Nigeria’s Aghogho Ayijen Invents A Mini Aircraft

After several setbacks and no formal engineering education, Aghogho Ayijen from Delta State, Nigeria persisted in the creation a standard mini airplane.

“I have not been to any school, I do my research at home.”

Together with his co-inventor, Ayola Olaolu from Oyo State, they designed and produced a mini-aircraft that could fly for about 3000 to 4000 miles above the sea level and covering a distance of about five to 6 kilometers.

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Vanguard reports that the creation was witnessed by the Minister of Science and Technology Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, with staff of the ministry and other observers.

They displayed their craft and flew it at Eagle Square


Ayijen says that watching planes land and take off from the Old Warri airport ignited the passion in him to create one himself.

The Delta State born inventor says he had no formal education whatsoever and has never entered an airplane in his life. On his own he researched and read up information about it from books.

Before then the young tech-inventor was trying his hands on car construction.

“When I was very small, around 1992, I tried to build my first aircraft…”

“Before then, I had been building cars. But seeing planes triggered a passion in me to create something that can resist the downward pull of gravity.”

“In that 1992, I tried but it did not move not to talk of flying. I tried again in 1994, but no way. At a time, I concluded that these white men were into some voodoo and I eventually backed off.”

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Aghogho Ayijen never really gave up on the dream to build an aircraft. He kept on working on it and by 1999 he said he had improved and advanced his creation to a standard and sophisticated level.

In order to monitor the environment, he installed a camera on the aircraft; and has equally come up with his own custom-made fuel for the plane.

Impressed by his work, the minister promised to make his Ayijen’s incredible creations a product in reality.