Ahmad Ahmad Becomes New CAF President

Madagascar’s Ahmad Ahmad is the new president of the Confederation of African Football.

Ahmad defeated the long-time leader of the CAF, Issa Hayatou at the CAF’s congress in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He garnered 34 votes against Hayatou’s 20.

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Ahmad is the President of the Madagascar Football Federation will also replace Issa Hayatou on the FIFA governing council.

Cameroon’s Hayatou had been the CAF chief for 29 years, since 1988. Hayatou’s adminsitration overlapped with that of ex-FIFA boss Sepp Blatter who has since been ousted for corruption. Others in the exective committee of Sepp Blatter have also been indicted for being corrupt. However, Hayatou was not in the corruption investigations.

He was implicated for receiving bribe money from ISL before their collapse in 2001. However, he claimed he had received the money, not as a bribe but to fund the CAF’s 40th-year anniversary.

57-year-old Ahmad Ahmad is a former football player and coach. He also heads the Madagascar Football Federation.

Although the African island of Madagascar is not a popular African football country, Ahmad Ahmad has great plans to use this sport for the benefit of the continent.

“I’m not a candidate who will serve his personal interests,” Ahmad said in a statement before the voting at the CAF congress in Ethiopia.

“African football cannot be managed by bandits,” he said.

Ahmad made several promises he hopes to fulfill as President of the CAF. He aims to promote transparency and good governance, as well as properly investing development money. His primary aim is to make football as an economic and development tool for the African youth.

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He also added that he “will reorganize CAF’s financial sector to make it accessible to all sectors and areas.

“Five million dollars, or 50 percent of earnings from FIFA, will go to African federations.”

Upon the announcement of Ahmad’s win, he was hoisted up by his supporters in celebration.