Suspected Boko-Haram Linked Journalist Arrested In Nigeria

A suspected Boko-Haram journalist identified as Ahmad Salkida was reportedly arrested on Monday by the Nigerian authorities.

The journalist, based in the United Arab Emirates, was said to be suspected to have a connection with the terrorist group. It was believed that he knew the whereabouts of the Chibok girls who have been missing for over 2 years.

Nigeria is narrowing the menace group down to zero. But a major expectation and indeed the climax of the war against terrorism in Nigeria will be the return of these girls to their families.

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Ahmad Salkid’s suspicion came from the fact the he was one of the first journalists to circulate the Boko Haram video purporting to show scores of the abducted Chibok girls.

His source of obtaining the video and other info on Boko Haram was in question.

It was widely reported that the journalist was declared wanted alongside 2 others by the Nigerian authorities in August. The other 2 were reported to have turned themselves in and then later granted administrative bail.

On what now appears to be a mere speculation, the supposedly arrested Ahmad Salkida has equally been released.

The Nigerian army has however denied the notion that the journalist was arrested upon his arrival to Nigeria.

In the words of Nigeria’s Defense Headquarters’ spokesman, General Rabe Abubakar,

“I don’t have any information that this man is either in Nigeria or that he came to Nigeria and he’s been arrested,”

If there is any information about Ahmad Salkida’s arrival to Nigeria and being apprehended, I think the first organ of government that will know is defense headquarters.”

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General Abubakar said it was false that the journalist was declared wanted. Rather he said the Nigerian military was waiting for Salkida to return to Nigeria to tell them all the information he has on the terrorist group.

“He can come over and shed light on what he knows and go back…there is no big deal in him coming. If you have information, give it to the right people, the right group, so that they can push ahead and do the needful for them to get rid of the menace of terrorism in the whole country.”

We hope that was all.

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