Aisha Muhammadu Buhari

It was indeed a surprise when the first lady of Nigeria, Aisha Muhammadu Buhari granted a BBC interview slamming her husband’s administration, the ruling party, as well as dared say if things don’t change, she will not be caught campaigning for him supposing he has the interest to run for 2019 presidential elections.

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That particular interview sparked off a lot of comments and criticisms both on the part of Mr president and his wife. While the international community slams Mr president for setting a bad precedent for sounding sexist with his “my wife belongs to the kitchen” comments; so also have conservatives condemned Aisha’s public criticism and ridicule of her husband.

A northern women group, The Adamawa League of Women Empowerment, are in fact not happy with the first lady.

According to their spokesperson, Ms. Maryam Ibrahim, Aisha “breached the norms and values of a decent housewife of a serving president.” They went further to call the interview “ill-timed and counter-productive”.

The group expressed their reservations over the interview on Thursday during a press briefing.

First they are bothered that Aisha just set a bad example for the nation and the Fulani tribe particularly. Ms. Ibrahim says Aisha’s actions has not respected the traditional “Pula’aku.”

“In fact, she has set a bad precedent, as no president’s wife in Nigeria has ever exposed her husband to this state of shame and ridicule.”

“However, we would like to use this forum to reiterate our total support for and cooperation with President Muhammadu Buhari in his effort to restore the lost glory of Nigeria as the giant of Africa.”

“It is against this backdrop, that we collectively faulted Mrs. Aisha Buhari’s BBC interview because it is ill-timed, counter-productive and was done in bad taste.”

“Consequently, Mrs. Aisha Buhari’s action negates the spirit of Pula’aku, modesty and decorum which are virtues of Fulani.”

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Pula’aku is a tradition that demands polite and introverted traits as patience, self-control, discipline, modesty, respect, wisdom and forethought.

In all, the Fulani women group are dismayed that first lady, Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, has not behaved like a decent wife.

Regardless of Aisha’s criticisms weeks ago, the cosmetologist, beauty therapist and author had begun to back her husband’s administration. She had this to say at a recent official function

“What I am after in particular is the success of my husband’s administration and he can’t do it alone except with the help of the governors, their wives and all members of our progressive party.”