Algeria Opens A Facebook Clinic For Social Media Addicts

Algeria has opened the world first Facebook Clinic aimed at Facebook addicts who are being brainwashed on the social medium by Islamic extremists.

The Facebook clinic is a private facility which has now been opened in Constantine, Eastern Algeria. The clinic offers help to all who might be affected by ‘blue magic'( social media addiction).

The Algerian government calls the Facebook addiction ‘Blue Magic’ likening it to black magic. It is the third Facebook clinic to be opened in the world, after those of China and South Korea.

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The number of Facebook users in Algeria is 10 million with an average yearly increase of 10 %.

The director of the Facebook Clinic Human Development scientist Raouf Boqafa stated that he fears Islamic extremists who use the site as a recruitment tool often target vulnerable users.

Terrorist groups like the IS tend to use social media as a recruitment tool. The group usually highlights the pros of the Islamic state while demonizing their enemies ( the government which they are fighting against).

“There is some danger in underestimating the damage of Facebook addiction compared to the risk of physical drugs.

“The idea came to limit the three effects of the addiction… to reduce the psychological, social, and security damage experienced by one who lives in the virtual world.

Algeria Opens A Facebook Clinic For Social Media Addicts

The clinic will also treat addiction to drugs, alcohol and smoking.

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Algeria has not been exempt to the world terrorism surge. The Algerian government has been plagued by the Al-Qaeda In The Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), a group of terrorists who seek to overthrow the Algerian government and installing an Islamic state.

The AQIM have also been rumored to be affiliated with Al-Shabab another terrorist group located mainly in Somalia.