Angry Nigerian Youth Burn Senators Abode Over Failed Promises

Some angry youths in Nigeria have set ablaze the properties and homes of two politicians representing their zone for their inability to fulfill the promises they doled out to them during their electoral campaign.

They set a match to the home of  Senator Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya who represents Kano South and the campaign office and poultry farm of politician Abdullahi Mahmud, located in the town of Gaya, Kano.

Both politicians who are members of the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress were voted in last year with the Buhari administration. They had promised to improve the electricity sector, water supply and unemployment plaguing the people of their constituency.

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They had done this to get the votes of the youth, if they had forgotten to deliver their promises, the youth hoped to bring it to remembrance with the combustion of the politicians’ properties.

Senator Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya

“They overwhelmed the police who tried in vain to stop them” from committing arson, local resident Usman Bala told AFP, adding that the protesters stole “all the chickens” from the farm.

“The three demands were improved power and water supply as well as employment opportunities for our teeming jobless youth,” resident Yusuf Dalhatu said.

Another resident told Vanguard, “youth unemployment is on the rise here, the infrastructural development exists in the past, no water, and we have these wealthy individuals from this town as Representatives.

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“They promised during their campaign to fix these age-long problems, and barely a year on nothing convincing seems to be oozing out of their end.

“we could not trust them due to their affinity to these politicians. We feel we should take on our destiny and forced these people to do the needful.

“This is a warning shot, and I believed there would be a change of style from our selfish politicians,” he said.

The youth added that the politicians had not even visited home since winning their respective political seats.

It goes to show that Nigerians are not going to settle for mediocre leadership that allows politicians to do as they please, like they had done in previous administrations.