Anthony Joshua: International Boxer Bears No Grudges; Traces Success Back To Nigeria

For his win over the weekend, Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua attributed his success to his Nigerian roots.

The champ who just became £15 million richer attributed his high level of discipline to his early days in a Nigerian boarding school.

In cheerful spirit, showers his home country with praises. He says he is proudly a Nigeria.

The resilient and skilled boxer has not said anything about his rejection Nigerian sports organizers for the Beijing Olympics.

Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua, from Ogun State, Nigeria was born in Watford to a Nigerian mother and a British father with a Nigerian ancestry.

As expected, he did not disregard the nation that gave him the opportunity to showcase his talent, The Great Britain.

At the age of 11, Anthony Joshua came back to Nigeria with his mother. He spent 6 months in a boarding school. He believes his experience there paid off.

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“I thought I was going there (Nigeria) on holiday. I wasn’t prepared for it. It was a boarding school as well.”

“At the time you think ‘Why?’, but as you get older you think it was good that you experienced it. It was good for me.”

“It was a change and I thought I was going to go for the full course: 5.30am in the morning, up fetch your water, put like an iron in your water to warm it up. Your clothes had to be washed and ironed.”

“It wasn’t an issue but I wasn’t prepared. It was a good discipline.”

“We got beaten. That’s my culture: beating. The government raise your kids now; parents aren’t allowed to raise their kids, because there is so much control about what you do or what you say. In the (Nigerian) culture it’s family, outside support; everyone has a role in raising the kids.”

Going further on, the boxer who has a Nigerian inspired tattoo on his arm credits his strength to a Nigerian delicacy.

He says the Pounded Yam/Eba and Egusi soup is responsible for his latest success.

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9 years after being rejected by boxing officials, Joshua is about to have a stadium and a street named after him.

Amongst the 90 000 people who witnessed Anthony Joshua’s win over the weekend was Yinka Mafe.

Mafe is the majority leader of the State House of Assembly in Ogun State. He appears to have initiated the idea of recognizing the star in that manner.

“We are proud of what he has achieved as a son of Sagamu, and we will be happy to do our own little bit to show our appreciation and support for him,”

Report says Joshua’s great grandfather, Omo-Oba Daniel Adebambo Joshua, built a cinema on that road in the 1950s.

The idea was welcomed by some while others called it sycophancy.

Just like Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua was turned down in 2008, Femi Ogunode who is now Asia’s fastest runner faced the same fate.

Femi was disqualified without an explanation. Fate smiled on him as he got invited to run in Qatar.