bald men

Some men already feel bad enough when they are balding, there is really no need to add a fear for their lives to the mix but bald men in Mozambique may have to worry about more than their lack of hair.

While a bald head can come as a part of the process of aging for some people, it is a style choice for others. The fact that going bald can as well be a style choice is one of the reasons news of the death of three bald men in Mozambique is doubly disturbing.

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The recent killing of three bald men for their body parts led police officers in Mozambique to warn that bald men could be the new target of ritual attacks. Afonso Dias, a police commander in Mozambique’s central Zambezia province said that;

“The belief is that the head of a bald man contains gold,”

“Their motive comes from superstition and culture – the local community thinks bald individuals are rich,”

Two suspects were arrested in the central district of Milange, where the killings occurred. Both were young Mozambicans aged around 20, according to the AFP news agency.

bald men

A regional security spokesman, Miguel Caetano, told AFP that one of the victims had had his head cut off and his organs removed and that the organs were to be used by medicine men in rituals to advance the wealth of clients in Tanzania and Malawi.

Albinos are also being targeted and killed in some countries in Africa on the basis of these same superstitions. What is surprising is that the killings are often done by young people who should know better as a result of education.

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In Malawi, the President had to ban foreign witch doctors who he accused of lying to gullible Malawians hungry for success by any means. More needs to be done to defeat the stereotypes that lead to the killings of certain individuals just because they look a little different.