Bald Men's Club In Japan Celebrate Their Baldness

Over 30 men, from different backgrounds, gathered in the Tsuruta city of Japan with one aim — to take home the crown/prize for being the most bald-headed man.

The event took place at a hot spring facility 700km north of Tokyo, with over 30 men showing off and celebrating their bald heads. The men who are part of the Bald men’s club took part in a special kind of tug of war.

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Small suction cups with a connecting string attached to the handle were placed on the participants’ heads as they tried to pull their opponent’s from their head with the aid of their own head-attached suction cups.Bald Men's Club In Japan Celebrate Their Baldness

“My head still hurts,” Toshiyuki Ogasawara, 43 told Reuters. “I think I need to ice it!”

Masatomo Sasaki, 64, who was participating in the tournament for the first time talked about how different he feels about his baldness compared to his previous feelings about his baldness which made him insecure.

“I feel proud. Or maybe I should say, I feel good about being a bald man,” Sasaki said, adding that he started losing his hair when he was 40. “And that is thanks to this bald men’s club.”

Although the bald men’s club was created in 1989, it has roughly only 65 members from all over Japan. Nonetheless, the chairman of the club, Teijiro Sugo is hopeful about the club’s membership increasing to include a wide gathering of members.

“I want all the bald men all over the world to gather here so we can organize a bald men’s Olympic tournament,” Sugo said.

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There is often a stigma associated with baldness, with a lot of people deeming it an “illness”. Consequently, some men who are insecure about their baldness tend to cover it up with wigs, hair transplants and so on.

Baldness is caused by DHT (Dihydrotestosterone ), a testosterone which helps in burning of high blood sugar but also leads to hair loss.

The aim of the bald men’s club is to promote a positive outlook on baldness.