IPOB, Nigerians Furious Over The Release Of Suspects Who Beheaded A Pastor’s Wife

As embarrassing as it is infuriating, concerned Nigerians have questioned the legal and moral justification behind the release of 6 northern suspects who beheaded Bridget Agbaheme, an Igbo pastor’s wife.

Bridget Agbaheme was murdered and butchered in broad day light on June 4, 2016. She was a Christian, married to a pastor and a trader based in Kano. Bridget sold plastics at Kofar Wambai market.

On a fateful day, it was reported that a northern young man wanted to wash his legs (as usual with Muslim prayers) in front of her business premise. Bridget objected to the act and requested that he finds somewhere else for it. The erratic young man accused her of blasphemy and beckoned on his Muslim brothers.

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They attacked and dragged the woman away from her husband who came in defense of his wife. Bridget Agbaheme was beheaded in view of many and the perpetrators paraded the market with her head as a “trophy”.

After condemning the incident, the state government arrested the 6 men. Logically Nigerians awaited justice but to their utter dismay, recent news says that the suspected persons have been discharged and acquitted.

Report says they were found not- guilty on all counts including disturbance, culpable homicide, joint act and mischief.

This recent development in Kano Nigeria has left many worried and puzzled about the credibility of governance and the judiciary in Nigeria.

High profile broadcaster Reno Omokri has lashed out at Christian figures, organizations and Nigerian leaders for turning a blind eye to this preposterous ruling.

In the same way the IPOB has registered their dissatisfaction over the case accusing the Kano government of deceiving the general public with the arrest of the suspects while covering their evil agenda.

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“We, in the IPOB worldwide condemn the recent judgment delivered by the magistrate court in Kano State in favour of the killers of Mrs Bridget Aghaneme who was murdered in broad daylight in Kano state by the Islamic fundamentalist.”

“We condemn the judgment in its totality. The magistrate and the government of Kano State were instrumental to the killing of an innocent woman who committed no crime against Islam.”

“Again we are aware that the killers of the Christians and Biafrans have infiltrated the judiciary especially in the northern part of Nigeria.”

“Otherwise, how can a well trained lawyer and a magistrate who attended so many seminars and course release a murderer who snuffed life out of a fellow human being to go scot free?”

“This is a dangerous signal that nobody is safe again in the country.”